Friday, December 02, 2016

En Provence, Part 2!

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How QUICKLY does a week fly by?  I can’t believe it’s Friday already, I swear it feels like I’ve barely begun to catch my breath!

But it has been so exciting seeing all of your progress on part 1 of our En Provence mystery and I know many of you are ready to move on to part 2.

Check out our Part 1 Progess from our first Mystery Monday Link-up HERE.

If you are STILL making the units from part 1, never fear.  Just move on to Part 2 so you can keep up with what is going on, using your Part 1 units as your Leaders & Enders while building these!

Isn’t this array of fabric great?  Laura Coe posted a photo of her fabric pull to my Quiltville Facebook wall and my heart skipped a beat!


This week our focus is all about MAGENTA!


Oh goodness!


And we are making THESE!

100 of them!

You will be using your constant fabric, and your neutrals for this step.  And of course, your Tri-Recs rulers, or the equivalent thereof.

There are other manufacturers that make a similar item for “triangle in a square” and you can use them as long as your units come out the size they should be.  Our units are going to measure 3 1/2’’ and finish at 3’’ in the quilt. You will follow their manufacturer's directions for sizes of strips to cut, they may be different than the Tri-Recs versions.

There IS an Accuquilt die for this size.  #55027 is the model number.

This is the same unit we used in Celtic Solstice, and is also used in the Cathedral Stars pattern from the Free Patterns tab.  I love this unit so much, that I often find places where I can use it again, and I love how it ended up in our En Provence as well.

Because I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, I am pulling out our cutting videos from Celtic Solstice to refresh your brain.  The cutting and the sewing are the same, though the colors have changed and these units play a different role in En Provence.  All of your  base triangles will be scrappy neutrals (if you are going scrappy like me) and side triangles will be the one constant magenta.  Photos to follow video. 

Boy, can a girl change in 3 years!

Here are our En Provence fabrics for a recap:


Start with 3 1/2’’ strips of NEUTRALS

Place the 3 1/2’’ line on the base triangle ruler on the bottom edge of the fabric (Remember, line ON the fabric, NOT on the mat!) and cut first triangle.  Swivel the ruler so the 3 1/2’’ line is now at the top of the strip set (ON THE FABRIC, not above it!) and make another cut, repeating the process to cut 100 base triangles.

For the Magenta, we also start with 3 1/2’’ strips.


Pardon my exploding pen accident!

I use my tools hard, and keep using them even if they are ugly.  This exploding pen happened in my checked luggage.  Luckily everything was in a ziplock bag! 

Fold strip with right sides together. Pairs of triangles will be cut in mirror image.  Place ANY line at the top of the strip set and trim all uneven ends and remaining selvage so you have a good square corner. (Shown for right handed cutting, lefties would trim up on the left end of the strip instead of the right.)


Don’t forget the notch!

Place the 3 1/2’’ line on the bottom edge of the fabric, and cut, remembering to trim angled upper corner. 


Pivot and cut again!

Remember to trim notch here too!

Cut 100 mirror-image pairs!


When pairs are separated, you have right and left side triangles!

Here is the recycled sewing video from a much younger version of myself by treadle machine!  I know the colors of the units are different, but remember they are the same size and assembly is the same:

Wow, that’s fun!  Are you ready to make 100??


Match the notch with the bottom of the base triangle.


Gently press, and add the left side triangle – matching notch again!


Try ONE and measure!

The unit should be 3 1/2’’ x 3 1/2’’. Sometimes I have to trim a few threads. We are hand guiding.  There may be some variations in your piecing!

Remember that your strips need to be precise as well as your cutting precise before you can even worry about seam allowance.  If the cutting and the seam allowance work together, you should have units that come out right on. Test one first and then….


Chain, chain, chain!

I know some of you are still waiting for Tri-Recs from me because you included them in your order with your Essential Triangle Tools which should be arriving by mid-December.  My fingers are crossed that they arrive on time. All of the orders waiting for inventory came in AFTER November 18th. 

I have some PDF options for those who want to just make “a few” before their tools arrive.

For Templates including seam allowance click HERE.

For paper piecing templates without seam allowance added click HERE. (6 per page, trim 1/4’’ beyond the line when trimming – 2 more per page this way!)


You will see THIS at the top of your browser in the address bar when opening in CHROME.

I spent HOURS trying to get things to print out the right size, and I found that Microsoft Edge was causing things to come out slightly smaller if I saved the file to my computer and tried to print it from there.  They came out the RIGHT size if I opened the file on my website in Chrome, right-clicked to print FROM the screen view and UN-CHECKED THIS on the pop-up screen:


Un-check Fit to page!!

It needs to print “actual size”

If you are using Chrome (which I suggest for printing these in actual size because Microsoft Edge or IE doesn’t give this option when printing) right-click to select print, and then be sure to un-check the 'Fit to page' option in the dialogue before clicking PRINT.  You can choose how many copies to print as well, but print one first, and MEASURE.


Measuring the templates.

The DIAGRAM is NOT to scale.  It’s just an image of how things fit together.  The finished size (inner solid line) of the outer edge of the side triangle should measure 3’’ between these two points.  TEST IT. 

If you are printing the paper piecing templates, those units should measure 3’’ square as they are printed in finished size, and you will trim leaving 1/4’’ seam allowance beyond the line after piecing.



This dialogue should pop up when you go to print if using Adobe.  I had trouble getting Adobe to work, again, Microsoft wanted to take over so I stuck with Chrome. Be SURE you have ACTUAL SIZE checked before printing.  Print a test and measure the units.

I posted about my frustration with “actual size” and my friend Pat came back at me with this bit of info: 
When I went back to my saved PDF for En Provence Part 1, it too wanted to open in Edge.  The solution I found is to right-click the title after saving it, then choose "open with" and select the Adobe option. 
Once it opens, you should get a dialog box asking if you want this to be your default PDF printer.  It has the "actual size" option. 
Just a thought; works for me, though Chrome does if I'm selecting a PDF from inside, for instance, your blog.
Merry Christmas Season!! 
Thank You, Pat! 

And there you have it – three ways to do these units, however you do them, make 100!

I hope you have a great time with these, and I look forward to your sharing your progress in Monday’s Mystery Monday Link-up!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Love the colors in this 1930s postage stamp quilt.  Sometimes recognizing the good comes only in hind-sight, but it will come.

Much love from the cabin --

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Jeanne said...

Oh boy. Thank you Bonnie they are beautiful!

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Sue J said...

Bonnie, your instructions are fantastic!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm saving the instructions for the future. Thanks for the paper-piece page for the triangles. That is how I will do mine, much more accurate and for me anyway, faster!

Julie Koone said...

Wonderful video Bonnie, thank you for taking precious time to do it, I now know how to use these rulers I've had for years! Happy Stitching

Xenia said...

Thank you Bonnie! I LOVE this unit! And in raspberry pink, too. Bonus!

Podunk Pretties said...

I was hoping the step using the magenta wouldn't come up soon. My fabric for this step won't arrive until Monday. Oh well I've not even started my four patches. Hoping to get them started tomorrow and play catch up so when my fabric arrives on Monday I can whip out this 100 at lightening speed!

Beth said...

Thank you Bonnie! I have my quilt group Christmas lunch here today, but have the whole weekend to myself! And away we go!

rebecca said...

Thank you. Great instructions.

rebecca said...

Yes! I dreamt it was going to be green & neutrals! Lol, but I did buy the correct Accuquilt die for step 2! Im going to make some practice "triangle in a squares" with magenta & some with turquoise. After a few more steps I will decide which I'm sticking with! Fun, exciting! First MQ! I want to sew! Bye!

Janet Loomis said...

Thank you, Bonnie! Your detailed options are great. I've been looking forward to this clue all week.

Scrap and quilts said...

Thanks for the tutorials. My sis gave me her Tri-Rec (she didn't like it!). I didn't know what the notch was for. Very useful little thing.
For your "new inked" ruler, have you tried spray net? With a Q-tip dipped in spray net, rub a little spot to see if the lines and numbers resist. It might take everything off your ruler, I am not sure. It's one of the few places I haven't removed ink from ... yet. Good luck. Love the picture from Laura. ;^)

Teresa in Music City said...

I love that we get to play with the magenta so soon!!!! I wonder if you can give me a little hint about the neutrals. I'm one of "those" who went with just two neutrals. Will it make a difference do you think if I just use one of them here, or an equal amount of both? Sewing with friends today and can't wait to start!!!!

farmhousequilter8 said...

Bonnie, Alcohol should take the ink off your ruler. Paula in KY

K. i M. Jones said...

I have several of your books but have never made a quilt from them yet. This is my first time in one of your mystery quilts and I must say - AMAZING! You bend over backwards to walk us through EACH STEP! I'm learning some great quilting techniques along the way also. Taking part in En Provence MQ is like being in the class room WITH YOU! Thank you - I don't know where you get the energy to keep up with orders, travel, blog, facebook, etc. Thank YOU for being YOU! I really appreciate your generosity!

Midge said...

Thank you Bonnie for another clear and complete clue. My first MQ and I'm feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, armed with my rotary cutter and just chompin' at the bit.

J Fanning said...
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J Fanning said...

Oooo, I have been waiting to try out my Tri-Recs rules but haven't had time. Now I get to play with them! Thanks for the great instructions on how to use them, Bonnie! Am totally loving this mystery so far :) Thanks for hosting this and for all you do for the quilting community.
AKA CharmednMissouri

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Quilters, if there is a problem opening the pdf of part 2, please know that there is NOTHING wrong with the link, it is likely due to high traffic. Come and check it again later when the traffic has died down. My server can only handle so much. Thank you.

pat said...

:( Have to wait till I get off work to start... :) but have the weekend to sew.

Thank you Bonnie for making the directions so easy to understand.

Bobbi Bridgeman said...

I'm so excited! Thank you for all of the work that you put into this. I can't imagine how long it takes to write these wonderfully detailed posts.

About your ruler - I have found that rubbing alcohol takes sharpie off of rulers without damaging them. It may just work for your pen explosion, too.

Johanna Lovering said...

The white fabric with the black line cat faces is my favorite fabric. I only have small pieces of it now (like 2 1/2 inch squares and smaller). I wish that it would be made again so I could buy a ton of it.

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Magenta!! I love the one I bought and, again was correct in my guess for what we were going to make this week! I ADORE the TriRecs units (although making them, not so much --LOL!) Your complete and detailed descriptions of how you make the units are only one of the reasons why you have so many thousands of followers. It's obvious you care a great deal about how our quilts turn out. We are so very appreciative of that !

bgail said...

Bonnie, thank you for doing back flips to help everyone be successful in whatever method they want to use. That is a lot of extra effort from you! And I think you need to start a line of posters from your quotes of the day. As a retail worker, today's is perfect for me!

juliea said...

I am waiting for the 1/4 inch guide ruler before I start En Provence. It is on its way. Cant wait to start

twotoast said...

I love it that you think the week has sped past Bonnie, whilst we are champing at the bit waiting for the next clue and the week is almost unending!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Kathy said...

Thank you so much for this mystery, Bonnie! As always your instructions are clear and your passion for being a good teacher is obvious. I had to laugh as I went to print out the instructions, only to be delayed a little... because the MAGENTA ink cartridge was empty and needed to be replaced! Oh the irony!

Silly Goose said...

tea tree or eucalyptus oil will get that ink off (assuming you want to remove it lol) and it'll make your sewing room smell lovely!

Jennifer John said...

This project is my first exposure to your work. What excellent tutorials and directions! Thank you for explaining things so clearly. I've already learned several new things after quilting for 17 years!

Roberta Burke said...

It appears the photo taken in front of the sewing machine on page three illustrates the attachment of the half rectangle to the wrong side of the base. The photo caption says "match the notch with the bottom of the base triangle" and the text is correct. I will test before chain piecing a hundred next time.

I am glad to take the journey to Provence France with you even if it includes a bit of reverse sewing.

Judy Morin said...

How about a 4th method - Inklingo. Since the tall triangles finish at 3" (and they were used in Celtic Solstice) they are available from Linda Franz in two collections = the Celtic Solstice and the 9" Storm at Sea. They are also available in Collections 2 on CD (currently out of print).

For more info, go to: http://inklingo.com/section/inklingo-quick-start/63/msg/Welcome+to+Inklingo%21/a5771bce93e200c36f7cd9dfd0e5deaa

Dena T said...

So excited to start!! Thanks, Bonnie fro the great instructions!!

Lobster Grrl said...

What is a constant fabric? It's my first quilt with you and I need to learn the lingo. Can this be scrappy too? I'm trying to work from my stash. Also, how big will the finished quilt be? Thanks!

quiltergirl said...

Because of the cost of shipping, is the tri recs ruler available in Canada. Would it be under the same name. Any other Canadians in the same difficulty. I am afraid to try with just the paper template.

Tee said...

Part Deux - Fini', So excited to be keeping up. Thank you for the fantastic instructions!

Amy Ramsay said...

HI BONNIE!! M&M's Momma in New Jersey!! I am absolutely in love with your pumpkins!!! I have not been successful in my search but the I thought and began to wondering if you are going to add this as a free pattern on your page?? of course if this belong to someone else could you steer me in the right direction to get this pattern? I really appreciate it. EPMQ is going well I finish cutting tonight then off to the machine tomorrow! I'm also cutting AMQ over my lunch breaks at work. LOL I'll get it together at at some point. I hope you and the family are having a great season. Amy Ramsay, Mount Holly, NJ

Holly in Arkansas said...

Having so much fun with this block. I am have absolutely NO trouble getting them sewn and the correct size they need to be. I am zipping through them and I thought I was getting senile, NOT YET!!!

tomsmom said...

Bonnie, I have used all the neutrals I had on hand. I did some calculations, and the four-squares and triangles used three yards, which was the total amount. If we are going to use neutrals again I need to purchase more. Thank you. This is my second mystery and I'm having fun.