Friday, December 30, 2016

En Provence Mystery, Part 6!

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Would you be happy if I told you we are DONE with our “Impulsive” Dark purples?

I know some of you got down to the tail end of your stash on these, but we made it!

I also hope that you found part 5 to be an easy clue during Christmas/Hanukkah week and you are ready to move on. 

Are you ready to bring in another color?  I know I am!

This week we will be using some neutrals, some of our “Magical” lavenders and…..tada!  It’s time to pull in our “Garden Spot”  Greens!


Before the blooms of summer, we get the green of spring!  AHHH!!

I know many of our participants are covered over in inches of snow at this time of year, and it will be a long long time before we see the green of spring, but it will arrive!  Green is one of those colors that really makes me feel I can breathe after a long, cold and colorless winter.


Quarter Square Triangles!

Units will measure 3 1/2’’ unfinished, and finish at 3’’ in the quilt.

Two green triangles, one  "Magical" lavender triangle, and one neutral triangle in each!

Make 64.

You can use ANY method you desire to make these, keeping in mind the unit size.  Be it Thangles, Triangles on a roll, sew-big-sliver-trim-down or whatever pleases you.  The “regular” rotary cutting method for hour glass units has you starting with 4 1/4’’ squares, cutting each with an X on both diagonals to yield 4 quarter-square triangles per square.

I used the Essential Triangle Tool to cut my units in matched pairs, ready to sew, from 2’’ strips already found in my Scrap User’s System.  If you keep 2’’ strips on hand, why not start there first and pull what you can to use in this step.

As I went totally scrappy, these don’t have to be made in sets.  If you are sewing with yardage, you can use your lighter neutral for these.


Each unit takes two strip sets from 2’’ strips!
Lavender/Green and Green/Neutral


Place the green and purple strips right sides together with green on the bottom. Place the neutral and the second green strip right sides together with green on the bottom. Stack the strips on top of each other.  With each cut you will get ONE hour glass-unit of 4 quarter-square triangles ready to sew.


Cutting matched pairs!
We are using the green lines and numbers for this step.

The green 3” at the left of the ruler, along the bottom of the strip set is the FINISHED SIZE of the unit.  The lines down the center of the unit tell you which size of strip width you need for the different sizes of units.  This is a 3’’ finished unit, so we are using 2’’ strips.

Refresher video:

In the video I am using 2 1/2’’ strips for 4’’ finished units, but the process is the same.  If you wish to start with just two strips, instead of four, that is fine too – you ‘ll just need to cut some from each strip set.

Again, you can use ANY method you prefer, just be sure that the units are the right size, and that you have 2 green triangles, 1 lavender and 1 neutral triangle in each hour glass unit.


*Little hint!!*

I hate to waste strip ends that are perfectly good and easily trimmed to a usable shape using the RED lines on the Essential Triangle Tool for half-square triangles. At the beginning of the strip set before cutting my first quarter square triangle pairs, I will cut with the half-square triangle markings and set it aside because this is a size I use quite often.  They are in a baggie marked “1 1/2’’ finished.” These little triangles are also a great size for crumb blocks and for paper piecing.  I do not throw these away! 

Here I am using the 1 1/2’’ line at the END of the strip set after having cut as far as I can to get as many quarter-square triangle pairs from the strip set as possible.  I’m only throwing a bit more than the selvage away. 


Bonus Babies!

I do all of my trimming into the sizes I use most while working my way down the strip set.  I try not to leave myself a basket of scraps to “trim down later” because later RARELY happens.  I just cut all the way down and put away as I go.


Look at the pair under the presser foot!

These are quarter-square triangles, so we are sewing the short bias sides, not the long hypotenuse as that is the outside edge of the unit – the straight of grain.  Sew all of your pairs.  The green is on the bottom of mine, because it is the common color between the two different strip sets. If you prefer, you can sew them all with green on the top.  Just be consistent.


Press them all toward the green!

Your pairs may not alternate as mine did, because I cut from two strip sets at once, that’s okay, you just need 64 green/neutral halves and 64 green/lavender halves.  When sewn together you will have the 64 hour-glass units you need for this part.


Because they are all pressed to the green, the halves will nest!

Stitch the halves together, press, and remove dog ears.

You may spin the seams on the back side of these units if you wish.  As they do not "nest" with any other unit you may opt for pressing the center seam open, or press it to one side. Your choice.


Make 64!

*NOTE*  These 6 units are all the same because I worked only with 2 strip sets for this demo – the rest of mine are in my quilt.  Use as many greens, lavenders, and neutrals as you desire for building a lot of variety in these units.

If you are a sliver-trimmer, consider giving this method a try, and sewing a bit more scant with your seam.  You will have plenty of room to trim to size, with little fabric waste.  There is no reason to cut BIG to sliver trim down.  Save the fabric, just scant your seam and trim to your hearts desire.


Inspiration for our mystery!

We loved the shops in Aix en Provence, and one of the popular items are cotton kitchen dish towels, all embroidered with lavender.  Do you recognize the colors of our mystery in this photo?


Bars of soap are another touristy take home!

Our colors are also found here!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Lemoyne star found in Texas.

From my heart to yours – Happy New Year, everyone! 

I’m looking forward to a very quilty 2017!

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Thanks, Bonnie. Been looking forward to this all week!

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Yay. More practice with the Essential Triangle Tool. Have a Happy New Year, Bonnie and everyone.

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Thank you Bonnie! Onward with your silty self and have a marvelous New Year in 2017!! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas

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The Calico Quilter said...

Goody, it's Friday! I have had a stressful week and really need this respite while I indulge myself with your mystery. Thank you, Bonnie.

The Calico Quilter said...

Goody, it's Friday! I have had a stressful week and really need this respite while I indulge myself with your mystery. Thank you, Bonnie.

The Calico Quilter said...

Goody, it's Friday! I have had a stressful week and really need this respite while I indulge myself with your mystery. Thank you, Bonnie.

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thanks for the printer version I have been saving as pdf files so when I get time I can make it if I wish -

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YES!!! Love green and can finally dig in and play with my stash...really enjoying my first MQ...Pat

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I was so excited getting each clue done on time. Until Christmas night got a call that my salon was on fire and this is where my new sewing center is..and of course my MQ is but thank goodness fire was contained to salon but oh my the smoke and soot the restoration company came yesterday I'm hoping they can do something with all of my finished clues and the rest of my fabric. So I guess again I'll be finishing later than I planned but I'm just thankful that I still have a building and it could of been so much worse.

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Thanks for the way you break each step down. We appreciate all you do to make the free pattern as easy as possible and attainable for everyone. Happy New Year from Illinois. Looking forward to a quilty 2017!

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You make this look very easy. I hope to be able to start very soon. Thank you.

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Yay! I knew there would be some greens or yellows (or both) today. And thrilled that the mystery is still going. I've got something to do during the next batch of snowstorm coming in. Thank you!!!!

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I always love doing your Mystery quilts.
Happy New Year to you and your family.
May 2017 Bless you all.

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So happy Clue 6 is out!. Now off to work so I can work in this clue this weekend!! Can't wait. Thank you and Happy New Years to you and your family. :)

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It's always exciting to anticipate what is coming next. Thanks Bonnie for this yearly gift to all of us. Last night I read your post that spoke of Nichole. What an amazing spirit she has. There is great ingenuity in the adaptation of her motor home to become her studio, and her home. I may not get to meet her or you personally,but my spirit is infused from what I feel from you. May 2017 bring peace, joy, and love to your life adventure. Hugs

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Thank you for your meticulous sense of detail and have a happy New Year!!

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rebecca said...

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Thank you for the fun and learning experience. Have a great new year's weekend. Congratulations on getting all caught up with your orders.

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Getting snowed in--so had lots of time to finish part 6.
Now I,m going to have to wait for Friday to roll around again.
I am loving this one already. Can,t wait for the finish--to see what it will be.
Thank you Bonnie for all your talent and kindness that you share with us.

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I love the pace of this mystery--many people I've communicated with feel more invested because they have been able to keep up. We know it isn't a race, but being at the same stage with a group sharing an experience is rewarding. Thank you!

Happy New Year!

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Oh Bonnie I am so loving the Essential Triangle Tool!! Made the hours glass squares so easy to do! Thank you thank you thank you!

Happy New Year to all!!!!