Friday, September 25, 2015

Half Scrap Quilts Drawing Time!


Hello from St Louis!

I arrived this afternoon and met up with Kevin ((AKA Kevin the Quilter)) and our friend Mary Ellen and we had a wonderful afternoon toodling around the area!

It’s been an absolutely gorgeous September day, it really could not have been better weather-wise and they have taken care of my every need and every whim.

I’m in very good hands here with the Circle in the Square quilters for their quilt show this weekend.

I was just dropped back to my hotel ((The rental car was returned to the airport this afternoon.)) after dinner out in St Charles, and I am rushing right in here to do this drawing I promised.

I am so excited that Mickey has offered up TWO signed copies of  Half Scrap Quilts for our giveaway and I know you are going to love this book.

I just put the random number generator through its paces and this is what it says!


Who is comment 941 out of 1220??


Congrats, Marti!!

And next up we have:


Comment number 808!



Thank you to both ladies for making this easy for me by leaving their email addresses visible in their comments – names too!

I’m so thrilled for you both and have sent you both emails asking you to send ME your snail mail addresses so I can pass them on to Mickey.


Half Scrap Quilts!

If you missed the trunk show of what is included in this book, visit the original blog post HERE.

Books should be released from the printer and available for shipping no later than October 10th.  It should be to your local shops soon after that as the distributors get them in.
You can also pre-order signed copies directly from Mickey’s Website.


Dining tonight at Lewis & Clark’s in Downtown St Charles!


Kevin being silly!

More photos to come.  They are all on my phone and my battery had reached “mostly dead” by the time we hit St Charles and was on airplane mode until I could get to the room and charge it.

Tonight’s plan is to finish that hanging sleeve that I’ve been toting around for more than a week now..just the bottom edge left to finish stitching – tomorrow is workshop day so it MUST BE DONE!

I guess I’ll have to crawl into my Target sewing pajamas and get comfy!

Happy Friday Night!

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  1. Darn! I really wanted to win that book! Oh well, I just ordered my own copy. :)

    My daughter lives in St. Chuck and my son-in-law just went to that restaurant last night for dinner--small world. Enjoy your remaining time in Missouri.

  2. Congratulations to the winner, enjoy!

    Welcome to the metro area! Hope you have fun, old St. Charles is sooo charming.

    Kris in Fenton

  3. Glad you got to spend some time with Kevin. We didn't get to connect, when I drove thru last week (too much going on for both of us). Wish you could come to the Arkansas TOGA next weekend. Unfortunately, Allison (from TX) can't make it (family issues).

  4. Congrat's to the winners. Have a fun time in St. Louis

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM EDT

    I love seeing all of the quilts Bonnie Features and only hope I can learn to do them as nicely as she does. The book looks like it will have some fun ones.


  6. Sarah Hill7:31 PM EDT

    The book look fabulous.....thank you Bonnie for inspiring me in the scrappy quilt world.

    Sarah Hill

  7. I can't wait to meet you tomorrow in person.���� Barb


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