Monday, May 04, 2015

Tuscany, Day One!

Written last night -- but internet was down so I was unable to post!  Wonder of wonders, it is back up and working right now so I am able to post this on....

Communication may be sketchy over the next week, but will post when I can!

Water – just water –and darkness for  hours and hours and hours across the sea.

I thought we’d never get here!

I could swear it was the longest flight of my life ---

Big metal box underneath the chair in front of me taking up all of my “under the seat in front of you” space….

A non-functioning TV in the back of the chair in front of me….I couldn’t even turn on the overhead light --

And something unheard of in planes….there were no individual air vents to direct airflow ---and with these hot flashes I could really have used it!

But ---I slept a little, I listened to music on my phone ((Because I couldn’t see to thread a needle or do any stitching in a completely dark cabin with no overhead light!))

At one point….after moving the two other people in my row so I could get out and use the lavatory, I reached into the overhead bin to grab my kindle ---because there was no room for my bag under the seat in front of me – only to find that THAT TOO had a dead battery and was non-functioning.

HURRY UP and get us to ITALY!

And then it happened fairly quickly from the moment they turned all of the cabin lights back on and started feeding us breakfast.

Landing in Rome – Hello Italy!

Click HERE for a short video I uploaded to Instagram!

I tried to imbed it, but I was having difficulties.


My peeps deplaning!

That is one BIG AIR PLANE!


The other end  ---


We actually deplaned from both ends..there were so many people.

Rome was just our first stop in Italy.  We still had to catch another flight to Florence, and had a couple of hours to make it through before we could.

We occupied ourselves by exploring the airport in Rome!


We are all here!  YAY!


Matching hats and gloves and everything high fashion!

Oh, and people watching is the BEST here!


Jill and I silly posing in front of a coliseum mural!


There are VERY COOL fountains IN the airport!



Now don’t get any big ideas about this becoming the inspiration for this year’s mystery – we haven’t even left Rome yet at this point!


But the food!  Oh the FOOD!

Even in the airport ---


Airplane food can barely sustain life – this is WONDERFUL!


Jill’s pastry and a cappuccino….

You know what they say ---

When in ROME!

More photos to come.  I have very slow internet, but we are in a wonderful historic place, and more info on that to follow.

Right now, it is after 9pm Italy time….I really haven’t slept in about two days. 

I’m going to bed.   Tomorrow is a fun day with my workshop in the morning and fun afternoon activities….

Will be back with you when I can!

Love from Montecatini Terme!

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  1. no working light or a/c and that box on the floor by your feet - what a flight that must have been - I do feel for you - it would have been a horror for me and then the kindle was dead too - ouch!

  2. Lucie Faber8:57 AM EDT

    enjoy your stay in Italy Bonnie! Wish I could be there to to say Hello!

  3. Remember Bill Murray's movie of a few years ago when he kept reliving the same day over and over again? Whenever I get into that kind of situation, I always remind myself this isn't Ground Hog Day. It doesn't solve the problem, but it helps.

  4. Family members who have been in Tuscany extol the super delicious STEAKS they have! Needless to say, I bet most of us could eat our way through Italy!

    Have fun
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. complain and complain to the airline - - sometimes you get a free something in return !! that sounds just miserable.

  6. My absolute first thought when I saw that fountain, was, I see the next mystery inspiration and then you went and said nope, ahhh rats!!!!!!

  7. I'll be enjoying this trip from my lazy boy, and hope someday in the future I can join you! Have fun for all of us Bonnie!

  8. Glad you're having so much fun in Italy...we really enjoy the photos..enter me in the drawing for the magazine..100 quilts. telp67@yahoo.com


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