Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Eve Day at Quilt Villa!

Rick & Mona’s little precious dog Beanie is hiding in the bushes, hoping that Sadie is done chasing her for a while!

These two are just best buds when they get together, and it’s a big to-do.

Sadie chases Beanie, Beanie chases Sadie!  And when Beanie is done with it she finds somewhere small to crawl into to show Sadie a thing or two ---“Hahaha! You can’t get me if I’m under the ramp to the shed!”

I caught this photo with the daffodils in the back yard at the cabin while both Sadie and Beanie were taking a well deserved time out. 

It makes me tired just to watch them!

There was much stitching last night, and I finished the binding on the Serpentine Web:



I love the how the green binding looks!

This is going up to Alaska with me in May, I’m teaching this workshop for the Forget-me-knot quilters in Delta Junction.  They will have two options to set their spider web blocks…the traditional way, block to block, or shift the rows by half a block to get this fun layout!

While stitching, I have to admit that I found a new Netflix Binge –The Killing.  What a series!  It’s a police drama, but there are a lot of politics involved, and every episode things get deeper and deeper and there are whammies to the story at every turn.  Just when you think you have it figured out – it comes unraveled!  If you love “Who dunnit” type shows – like Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, etc – check it out.  There are 4 seasons, and I’m just started season 2, and I can’t stop!

Today will NOT be a treadle on the deck day.  The wind has come up, temps only around 45 so far this morning.  WINDY!  My wind chimes are beating out a tune in hyper time.

So it was not so easy to take these photos:


Done done done!
Yep, I like it!


Close up of fabrics!

One thing you probably can’t tell in the photo is there are two different background yellows.   I ran  out.  Because my original plan was just to have these in rounds and I had enough for one yellow round, medallion style, but I didn’t like what the quilt was doing so I scrapped that idea.  And I needed more yellow.  I got just as close as I could, and I think it adds to the vintage appeal to have to switch to something else close.


Hurry! Take a deck rail pic before the wind catches it and blows it down!

This quilt is a variation on the String Spider Web pattern found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Everything is the same, but I shifted every other row by half a block and filled in with half blocks on the ends of the alternate rows.  No directions given at this time.

Because it is a very blustery and chilly day you will find me here:


Making a blue piano key border!

Strips have been sewn into pairs, pairs will be joined into fours, and then I will cut them to the width they need to be.  Then fours will be come eights which will then become sixteens and eventually I’ll have a border!

Whatever you get up to today ---make the most of it!

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  1. Good morning Miss Bonnie,

    The table you have your 301 on.... is that a farm table you picked up somewhere? IKEA? I'm thinking of taking the machine out of the Horn Cabinet and using it on top of a table and getting the wonderful extension table. I don't think a regular folding table is going to be strong enough.

    Just pickin' your brain :D

    Have a happy Easter! Tell Beanie I saw a puppy just like her up here and remembered her :D

  2. Bonnie, take a look at your top picture of the newly finished quilt. You evidently have it laid on top of another one, as it looks like an outside border on it. It's also really stunning. I like the green too.

  3. Bonnie, you are seriously amazing. when you were making the spider web quilt, i did not like it. nope, not one bit, and i am a yellow loving gal. now that it is complete, it is fabulous.
    the killing: i tell everyone i know to what that series. i couldn't get enough and was sad when completed.
    happy easter

  4. sorry about that...posted under son's account.
    happy day!

  5. Beautiful quilt, have a great weekend .

  6. I also loved The Killing. I really like that you share what you watch; I have really increased my sewing time now that I only watch netflix while sewing. Love the spider web layout!!

  7. Patty from Monroe nc10:12 AM EDT

    Hey Bonnie, Yes I got hooked on that series too. It does keep you guessing. Sad when it was over. Love the bright quilt. It looks very large but I know you make them big. Love following your blog. Keeps me inspired. I have problems finishing but starting new ones. I have 3 going right now and hope to finish rwo this weekend. Happy Easter!

  8. BDePoy, I am thinking that what you may be seeing is the back of the quilt. The quilting looks the same.

  9. This is a beautiful quilt!

  10. Like a couple of others I wasn't so interested in this quilt under construction. But now that it's done, wow, a real stunner!

  11. The wind dows make Photo ops harder. Glad you got it finished. Have a fun day with Mona. Sadie &Beanie sure are enjoying Spring at Quiltvilla.

  12. Have fun in Delta Junction. I was there several times when my niece lived there. She is a quilter so I met several gals from that guild. Attended their Spring Fling one year and it was a blast. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter.

  13. Love the quilt. I enjoyed The Killing too. Another good Netflix series of a different vein is Monarch of the Glen. It is set in Scotland and the scenery is right on, they just added the seventh season. Hope everyone enjoys Easter!

  14. Happy Easter to you and your family. Another TV series you might enjoy is Blue Blood, with Tom Selleck, and others. Show about cops and family. Hope you like it. poladydwd(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. I can answer your question, BDePoy--that is the back of the quilt. She showed us it awhile back on her blog.

  16. Bonnie--I ADORE this setting! Stunning! And (perhaps) inspiration for my own string spiderweb. I've certainly got enough scraps for it!

  17. I really love this setting. May have to try it sometime. The yellow makes it a really bight quilt. Love it!

  18. Thank you for the wonderful, precise photos. There are so many magazines & blogs that post pictures in half lit, hard to see, feet on the bottom/hands on the top layouts. You take the time to respect your hard work. You have a great "eye"!!

  19. Another question, Bonnie...it looks like you are using your extension table with your 301 without the legs. Am I seeing right and would that bring the table down to the right level as a featherweight? I love my table but was sad that it was too tall for my featherweight. May be trying this this weekend.
    Anna in IL

  20. Love the string spider web Bonnie.
    I was in the camp with others above me not liking it initially. You pulled a good one out of your hat with this setting!

  21. Gotta love doggie buddies! :-)

  22. I loved The a Killing too. Try Broadchurch when you are done with it.

  23. Congrats on finishing! The yellow in your quilt looks so much better in the outdoor photos. Phew! It had a sickly green cast under the fluorescent lights and I just couldn't get into it then.

  24. Your Serpentine Web is a huge success! Sadie and Beanie are wonderful for each other, so glad that they can play together. I hope your son feels better really soon.

  25. I've had trouble making string blocks but am totally into starting the Serpentine Spider! Looks like SO MUCH FUN!. 4 donation quilts to finish then the Spider. rjc2cam(at)gmail(dot)com

  26. Anonymous9:05 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I love the spiderweb. It wasn't my thing until the quilting made the quilt. It is awesome.

    Alice at Lone Star House of Quilts


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