Sunday, September 28, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Pineapples in The Soo!

Guess who was able to get wifi at our workshop location!

We are already well past lunch, but I am sending up these photos as quickly as I can so you can see what is going on here today!

36 ladies are sewing away making gorgeous quilts and enjoying a very sunny September Sunday afternoon.

After workshop I have plans to go for a boat ride, and see how maple syrup is made! I can hardly wait!
Love from Michigan,


skippie said...

Looks like a fun workshop with some lovely quilts being made.

Mary Lou Ozburn said...

The people at your workshops always look so happy!

Connie said...

Mary Lou Ozburn - that's because Bonnie makes them so fun!

nancy hutchison said...

smiling Michiganders!

Katy Lillie said...

I really love the blue background fabric!! I loved her fabrics too. Was she the only one to not use white as her background? If not, what other colors where used?

Lynn McIndoe said...

A particularly happy looking group of ladies. Glad you are all having fun.