Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Quilting in Space!

I received a little email from my friend Pat Sloan this morning giving me a heads up on an amazing opportunity she had recently!

Many of you have heard of and have been following Karen Nyberg while aboard the Space Station –and if you haven’t – you need to START!

Pat writes:

I had the fantastic opportunity to interview quilting Astronaut Karen Nyberg about how she did a quilt block while she was on the last space shuttle. WOWZER! She was so 'down to earth' and fantastic to chat with about quilting. She also has issued a challenge to make a star block and send it to join 'her block' she pieced in space.
I hope you will be able to share this interview with your readers. I'd love to spread the joy and collect star blocks to go with hers!
The interview was Jan 6, 2014 and you can hear it on the player at my radio show page here: http://www.creativetalknetwork.com/
Her facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/AstronautKarenNyberg
and this is the link to the star block challenge:  http://quilts.com/home/contests/viewer.php?menu=entries&page=../../contests/y2013/2013AstronomicalChallenge
hopefully it will work out that you can share it with your readers!
with much love... Happy New Year!

Here’s a video of Karen with her block in space!

How can you be a part of this exciting project? Submit your own star-themed block!
The details:

  Download a PDF of the Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge rules and details

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Anonymous said...

So starpendous! Thanks for posting about this.

Becky Clay said...

That is cool..wonder how many blocks she will receive?? Thinking I may do one..anybody else?

Billy'sgirl said...

AWESOME! I'm in!

Myrna said...

Lawsy me! I do well to make a quilt block with gravity's help. I admire her tenacity and ability. I may send in a block.

Judymc said...

Gotta do this! How fun!!!

Julie Vernon said...

How fantastic - from space! Have to say if she has enough 'spare time' to make a quilt block, so do I ;).

Want to partake in this block making idea and send mine in.

Thanks Bonnie for posting for us.
Smiles, JulieinTN

Carol Nye said...

This sounds so exciting!! I am going to share it with our quilt group, The Stitchin' B's, tomorrow.
Carol Nye

Laura Gingerich said...

That is so cool! But even cooler for me is that UND is OUR university and is just down the road from me! And she wore her UND shirt in space! It's an awesome school and deserves the recognition.

I am going to forward your post to my husband's employer which is one of the news stations here in town. They have done a number of stories already on Karen, but maybe they will do one more about her quilting in space!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

How cool is that? I love that Idea! I wonder if I have a spare star orphaned blog around to finsih, add to the quilt? I will have to look.

Debby said...

That is so cool!!!!

JaneB said...

I bookmarked Pat's interview last night so I can go listen to it when I have the time . . . I'm thinking there are going to be lots of blocks. Maybe the only way to quilt the quilt will be in weightless space? I'm sending one in.

Anonymous said...

A down to earth astronaut? Isn't this a bit of a oxymoron? And what other kind of block would an astronaut make EXCEPT for a star?