Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb 28th Quilt Cam!

This is a bonus!  I ended up with other plans cancelled, and was able to work on some other things to free up some time for Quilt-Cam tonight!

See these lovely ladies?

This was the view of the retreat room while Quilt Cam was on the air last time ----I was at retreat virtually with these ladies.  Don’t they look like they are being productive and having a great time?

The little note Sandi sent said:

Boston Mountain retreat in northwest Arkansas...ladies came from the area, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas!
Thanks for sending the pic, Sandi!  Gotta love retreat weekends with the girls!

This is how things have been in my studio since last Quilt Cam:

seamguide 007

I sewed these 9 patches last session!

I’ve shown you before how I set up my seam guides to work on my machines, but I’ve had requests for some close ups so here is a quick run down:

seamguide 005

This is my guide with the needle down in the 1/4” hole.  And the Sticky guide made with the Scotch re-stickable strips and a piece of hotel room key (or gift card or loyalty card) stuck on top of it….butted right up to the edge of the seam guide.

Click the link HERE for more on making your own sticky guide…it’s the best EVER!

I find it best to take an eyeglass cleaning wet wipe and rub it on the area where the guide is going to be placed to remove any sewing machine oil, oil from our skin, or hand lotion from the surface of the machine to help it stick better.

seamguide 006

Here are my 9 patch sections being sewn while butted up against the guide!

seamguide 002

Always measure to be sure your seam is correct!

Here is my block after sewing it together!

seamguide 003

I only needed to Square Down this much!

((Pppppsttt!  Did you know there is no such thing as SQUARING UP!?  You can ONLY square DOWN!!))

It really is crucial to test your seam on EVERY project.  Things like different weights of fabrics, different weights of thread can make a difference from project to project.  If your blocks are always turnout too small? Guess what?? Your seam is too chunky and needs a diet!  If your blocks are always too big…fatten it up a bit!  Never trust a 1/4” foot to do the job for you because they aren’t perfect either…for the reasons stated above!

Let’s sew!!  I’ll be working at the treadle on my blocks!

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Patchwork Penguin said...

I think we have turned hubby to the 'quilt side'... he is out in the living room de-boning shirts :)

thanks for having quilt cam!!! Hugs girlfriend!

Patty E said...

Your music tonight is a little louder than normal, difficult to hear you speaking. Thanks for quiltcam !!

Sarah said...

Did you design the twisted log cabin quilt on your wall? I love it.

Myrna said...

Bonnie, thanks to you I'm now addicted to Sparkling Ice drinks...love them! Enjoying QuiltCam as always. Thanks for the tips on seam guides and seam allowances.

Janice said...

I have a candle warmer beside my sewing machine to set my tea on. It keeps my tea hot.

Sarah said...

Thanks for answering my question!

Ramona Johnson said...

I would like more information on the Boston Mountain Quilt Retreat since I live nearby. Please..... Thanx!

Ana said...

You are the quilting BOMB Ms Bonnie! Love quilt cam time!
Ana from East Texas

Sandi1100 said...

Hi Bonnie, Every time I tried to vote on a category, it said that I already voted which I didn't. I've tried refreshing the page like they say and it still doesn't work. I hope you win!

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

Not sewing tonight but enjoying the company while I sort some paperwork. We are moving to a new house in a couple of weeks and i want to have all the filing up to date so that I'm able to enjoy my future (larger) sewing room as soon as possible.

PS I voted for you of course :)

QltnRobin said...

Hi Bonnie! You got me started on sisters choice! hahaha. I was thinking about doing it, but then saw that you were making one so then I decided I would start it too, with your method. This week I cut ALL the green scraps, and over the past couple days have been sewing, and matching the single square to the sewn strips. Today I counted, I have 130!! In just greens! And a shoe box with some blue scraps all cut but not sewn, and soon will be cutting purples etc.
Thanks so much for inspiring me to get all the scraps USED. I only have one box (HUGE) left, donated all the rest when I downsized to an 800 sq foot apartment while I go to college haha.
Yes the music is a bit too loud. just take it down a decibel shouuld fix it

Cynthia in urban Oregon said...

Music not too loud!

Vicky K said...

Good Evening Bonnie
Thanks for doing Quilt Cam, love them.

A while ago you talked about a triangle template to use when sewing on triangles using a square like a snowball block so the excess is a nice HST. Is there a way to calculate the triangle template to use? I'm sewing 2 inch squares into triangles on my block. hope this makes sense. :)
And I voted
Vicky K

Vicky K said...

Good Evening Bonnie
Thanks for doing Quilt Cam, love them.

A while ago you talked about a triangle template to use when sewing on triangles using a square like a snowball block so the excess is a nice HST. Is there a way to calculate the triangle template to use? I'm sewing 2 inch squares into triangles on my block. hope this makes sense. :)
And I voted
Vicky K

SheilaC said...

Hi Bonnie,
I am a Canadian from Saskatoon, SK, I'm watching you on quilt cam while in Palm Springs, CA. I am hand piecing a pine burr block. It is so nice to have you for company while I wait for my hubby who is flying down here tomorrow to join me. I love all you do!

Cynthia in urban Oregon said...

Out of bobbin experience...I love it!

Lisa Shenk said...
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Blue Bird said...

My kids say - if it's too loud, you're too old!

Unknown said...

Music is fine. I am hand quilting while you treadle away. You have inspired me to have my grandmothers treadle serviced. I have a 40" Tv on the cabinet now. My DH will take the machine out this weekend to have it serviced. DH tells everyone about your quiltcam. He gets such a charge out of all your groupies!
Thanks for everything
Chris Jensen

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Hi Bonnie, I'm wondering if you purchased the sewing cabinet you posted about today. You are absolutely amazing with what you are able to find. I'm hand stitching a binding to a crumb quilt and enjoying watching you treadle away!

Rori said...

Hello Bonnie,
I have been using your guide with the Scotch restickable tape and I noticed there is some play when putting the needle down in the 1/4" hole. Do you set the guide, tape and then test your seam allowance each time?
I am sewing a binding on a table runner while watching QuiltCam.

Thanks, Rori

MielNina in AZ said...

Not sewing tonight but I'm watching you from my Samsung Galaxy while lying in bed. I had 4 teeth pulled late this afternoon and the lidocaine is wearing off - hope the pain pill kicks in soon :O

I voted for you - you're in the lead!!!

Marcia said...

I just voted and it looks like you are going to win several awards! Congratulations....you deserve to win!!

Marcia said...

I just voted and it looks like you are going to win several awards! Congratulations....you deserve to win!!

FLO_rancher said...

I would just love to have that kind of varity in fabric..adds so much to a quilt.

AmyDe said...

Thanks for having us!!! I've been working on Jamestown Landing all week, but tonight I'm spinning yarn for another project.

Karen said...

Hi Bonnie! My hubby is on his computer doing his on-line college course, so I'm sitting here, enjoying your company while working on my hexies. How many hexie projects can one person have before it is considered too many? LOL!!! I've also been working on reorganizing and cleaning my sewing room (it's been 10 years of accumulation UGH). I'm hoping to get my scraps organized per your system. PS - I LOVE Scrappy Trips Around the World - they are addicting! THANKS! Karen from Iowa (Quad Cities Mississippi Valley Quilter's Guild).

Farm Quilter said...

Hi Bonnie, nice to see you back home again! Question for you, do you know of a corner block for a delectable mountain border I am doing on a quilt? That's what I'm working on tonight!

Thanks for all you do and I voted for you too!!

Susan in eastern Washington

Andee said...

I am hand sewing some hexies...it was a wild day and I am so happy to be watching quiltcam and stitching away!

SheilaC said...

Too funny. I am wearing the same shirt as you! I'm working on a Pine Burr block in pink, blue and cream.

Faith Kayajian said...

Bonnie - I am working on your Guilford County Block for a block swap that is being done on Marie Bostwick's Forum. We are doing them in pinks and browns. The we are putting the brown where your blue is and the pink where the cheddar is. Having a great time and meeting a bunch of new quilty friends.

Faith in Maine

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

I'm working on my "Bedford Beauty" quilt again tonight. I'm hoping to get all the rows together this evening and then I can start working on a border. It's great to be able to join you through quilt cam. Thanks for all you do.
PS - Of course I voted for you!!

Gail said...

Watching from Snowy Independence, MO working on hand quilting a very slow WIP! I finish half a block every Quilt-Cam! Thanks so much for doing this, I'll miss you when you're off teaching!

FLO_rancher said...

Can you show the back of the block..sew we can see how the seamallowances lay so nicely. Thank you Sew Peaceflly

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Just got done unpacking a "new" 1952 Singer and have finally got all the packing peanuts out of the head! Belt needs to be replaced and it is drier than a bone. So, will work on that tomorrow or over the weekend! Bonnie, you are a BAD influence on me-I am now hooked on the vintage sewing machines and enjoying getting them cleaned and running! thank you so much!

Cindy Bacon said...

First time visiting your Cam and I must have to say, I am hooked Thank You for the fun and tips and making my pre dinner entertainment enjoyable.i am so hooked on quiltville. Love the music too :-) Barry manilow

Pat O said...

Bonnie, you need to play "Oldies" by the looks of the ages in the yahoo group! I like Barry too... and Neil Diamond and Billy Joel and Englebert and and and ...... LOLOL

Sheron Snyder said...

I have that y2k fabric?

Leeann said...

Will you be doing any lectures in New Zealand?

Denise said...

Bonnie - I showed the hubster the quilt rack and he went to vote for you

Kerry said...

Hi Bonnie,
Watching from the Blue Mountains, Australia...you must visit there when you come!
I'm working on finishing hand quilting a hexagon block quilt. Nearly there! I have quite a few UFO's to work on. My problem...so many great ideas out there that I'd like to dabble with. Help!

We would love to meet you when you come to beautiful Australia, even though you said today that you don't want to run classes...:-(

Helen said...

Hi Bonnie,

Helen in Brisbane here. So happy to find QuiltCam on today as I'm down with a summer cold so not sewing but watching you is like spending time with a good friend! I'm drinking tea too... Twinings Lady Grey

Thanks Bonnie, I wonder if we will see you in Brisbane when you do your December trip??

Laurel said...

Hi Bonnie,
Enjoying watching quiltcam tonight from Northern California.
Wondering what the pointed end of your seam guide ruler designed to do? Thanks.
Laurel Larimer

Donna T said...

While looking for the Fabric Stash App that was mentioned in the quilt award list, I found a Fabric Calculator for the iphone and kindle that is "free". It can help you to cut the size square needed for the setting triangles, and also tell you how many of a square or rectangle from what evr size fabric you have. Great help when calculating cutting blocks. Lost of other info too for boarders etc.

Granny Lyn said...

Bonnie,,,just wanted to tell you i voted for you in all catagories,,,let me tell you why,,,i'm a granny of 18, and a great granny of one,,,and you have been such an inspiration and help in my quilting, and besides buying your wonderful books, you have never asked a dime for your tutorials, patterns, or your encouragement,,,,you love of quilting shows thru in every thing you do,,,and THATS what makes you the best in my eyes,,,thanks for everything!! granny lyn

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

You can come to a retreat with my friends and I any time. I have a little cabin in the mountains that we go to for quilting weekends. You'd be SO-O-O-O welcome to join in the fun!!

Valerie said...

I don't know anything about Mary Ellen Hopkins' whereabouts, but her book, "It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt" was the first quilt book I bought, too!! Love it.

gail.designs said...

working on my cheddar bow ties. I have finished about 250 so far. Just found out son was accepted into his doctorate program and was offered a teaching position at a college on NC. Over the moon right now and just wanted to share!

Sherri said...

I found this info on Mary Ellen Hopkins


qltmom9 said...

I am sewing a binding on tonight. I've quilted MANY a quilt and love to handsew, but never really sore a thimble much...am FORCING myself to use the pink thimble you recommended. Not going too well, but I'll stick with it.

Connie Koenig said...

Hi Bonnie,

Working on Easy Street at retreat this weekend. Would love to have you come teach a class for 1-3 days. Please let me know if you would like to schedule something.

Kim said...

Scraps rock, you've gotten me addicted :0)
Can't wait to get back to my sewingroom
next month.

Happy Sewing

barefootT said...

Thanks Bonnie, I hope you have a great visit with the Hubs before you venture off.....and safe journey :) ♥♥♥

Lesley Gilbert said...

22 August 2014 - Just after midnight in England - watched most of this video and very interesting - I'll have to check to see if you have others to watch. Love reading all your posts

NanaNor's said...

HI Bonnie, I love your blog and am a subscriber-it's always fun to look at your projects. I've been quilting now for 15 years and still have issues keeping my seams straight; a friend told me what you do and Inlove it, but need to know where you purchased your 1/4" seam ruler? Did you add the hole yourself for the needle? I'm going to sisters this July and would love this on my machine to help me. Thanks for any info.
Warm winter hugs to you,