Monday, July 16, 2012

From The Mail Room!

I’m Home!

I’ve even had a nap. MUCH NEEDED!

Now I’m sitting in my basement with a stack of mail to go through and book orders to start filling tomorrow after I’ve had a good night’s sleep!

There are a couple of things to go over.

I know everyone is anxious and excited about their books, as I am – believe me! I want them out to you as quickly as is possible.

I have received several mails asking if their book has shipped and when they could expect it. I feel your waiting-pains!

I want to take this time to reiterate that anything that has gone out prior to TOMORROW is an EARLY DELIVERY.

When we started taking pre-orders I originally expected delivery Mid-July to Early August --- and stated so on the book order page and in the posts announcing the book release.

In the mean time, the books showed up the DAY before I left for Vermont Quilt Festival the end of June, a bit over 2 weeks early. I got out a batch that night, and we mailed them. I came home from Vermont and filled book orders Monday Night, and Tuesday, mailing those..and on Wednesday the 4th of July, I left for my family reunion in Idaho.

Yes, many have received their books but there are many more waiting. We are RIGHT ON TIME with the expected delivery dates of all the others that are still waiting.

I am home tomorrow and Wednesday to get out as many as I can. My next trip on Thursday to Pennsylvania is a driving trip, so my mobile office will be going with me and I will likely be filling and mailing book orders from all across the state of Pennsylvania, working on them in the evenings after my classes as time allows.

After the Hershey Show, I head to Williamsburg for the Quiltmaker Block Party! I will arrive a day or so early, because it’s not worth the extra driving time to go all the way home and turn around the next day to drive BACK to Williamsburg—so I will be filling book orders and mailing them from Historic Williamsburg as well!

I drive home from Williamsburg on August 4th. I don’t leave for Bali until August 20th. We WILL BE CAUGHT UP completely by early August!

And that is how things are running around here.

So please give me some time to get these orders out in the order that they were received. Before I leave for PA on Thursday, I’ll post the last invoice number that was filled along with the date the order was placed. That should help you find out where in the queue you are because I won’t have all my records with me when traveling, I’ll be unable to look up each and every order for those who want to know where in line they are.

When I get back home after Williamsburg I’ll be able to give an update on where we are invoice number wise as well.

If you sent in a snail mail order with a check – it takes 2 weeks for check orders to clear, and there is no invoice number to track those, so just be watching your own bank for your check to clear.

And on we go!

Now there is one thing I have to do, hate to do, but must do.

Each and every book out there can have errors in printing.

A couple of small ones have been brought to my attention in the past week or so and I want to make you aware of them.

At any time, if you think something is not right…please check the ERRATA TAB at the top of the blog. I will be listing known errors there.

Before emailing me to ask me a question about something, please check the tab first to see if it is already listed. If not, I welcome emails because there might be something that others need to know about that we may have missed.

Admitting errors is like hanging your undies out to dry for everyone to see in public.

Be gentle with me, I take it very personally!

Just know that things happen even with a team of 8 or more people working on a book.

One of the errors in String Fling is the numbers being scrambled on the paper foundation for Pineapple Crazy. I have no idea how that could have happened because it wasn’t that way before, but weird things happen.

So check the Errata Tab, print it, keep it with your books, and let me know if I need to add something to it.

All errors will be corrected in subsequent printings.

iPhone-O-Gram! Ice Cream Cures All!

I'm still at Washington Dulles airport.

My flight was supposed to leave at 8am. Then they said. 11am. Then they said 12pm. Then they said 2pm


Then they said they were bringing in another plane from Richmond and our latest departure estimate is now 2:45pm

When we got the notice that the Richmond plane was airborn, I decided to celebrate with my good buddies Ben & Jerry!

It's a Chunky Monkey dance and a Cherry Garcia celebration

Oh, and a mint chocolate cookie lip balm just for surviving this day.

Get me home please!!!

PS---I am SO not making dinner tonight!!

Best Laid Flight Plans ---

Are often interrupted!

My 8:15am connecting flight from Dulles to Greensboro is still on the ground, and now not scheduled to depart until noon. AUUGH.

4 hours in Dulles when I haven’t slept much all night? I’m a complete zombie. I am likely to start babbling and talking to strangers and start walking home at this point.

So I’ll come up with something better – I’ll do the photos in stages instead of one full swoop ----smaller, shorter posts are easier to load on iffy airport wifi and easier for those with slower connections and dial up to view.

oregon2012 126

Here is Randy, talking to the booth owner about this fabulous quilt! It’s got a couple mouse holes, very fixable, and just the beat up country style that we love, so Randy scored this one!

oregon2012 127

How about a lovely 1930s Pickle Dish?

oregon2012 128

The tent walls were hung with all kinds of delectable quilts --- Lone Star, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Appliqued Rose and Log cabin all so pretty!

oregon2012 129

Ladders also displayed various tops and quilts just ready for adoption!

oregon2012 130

The colors and the patterns will catch your eye and hold you hostage! I really REALLY like that basket quilt!

oregon2012 131

Folded and stacked quilts seem to say “pick me up, unfold me, discover me!”

oregon2012 132

Loved this pretty pink and blue Kings Crown Variation! Love those indigoes ---always!

oregon2012 133

Closeup of the sweetness! I loved the peachy polka dot setting squares!

oregon2012 134

This cheddar “Rolling Stone” was also a fave last year ---

oregon2012 135

It was hanging on the rack along with a Carolina Lily, a Mariner’s Compas, a Rose of Sharon -----but that cheddar is what called me!

oregon2012 136

Can you imagine this Princess Feather in it’s usual red and green when it was new?

There are more to show ----It’s almost time to finally board the flight that should have left at 8am…..so I’ll send this and catch more later!

Still In Flight ----

I’m still flying home as this posts --

My red eye flight left San Francisco last night at 11:15pm West Coast time, and lands in Washington/Dulles at 7:39am. One more flight after that…Dulles to Greensboro gets me into my home airport at 9:15am. I’m going to be one tired puppy!

I occupied my time in San Francisco by wandering through the vintage sewing machine display on loan from the San Francisco Museum!

This was SO COOL to see…..

But I nearly wept when I saw that they had a featherweight under glass right there in the terminal….*sigh*

There isn’t time to write a description on each one – my flight boards in 30 minutes and I want this to post in the morning. So I’m putting this on slide show

And I promise I WILL get to more pics from the Sisters Show as soon as I am able….

But I know one thing….as soon as I am home --- I am going to BED – my OWN BED! And I’ll catch you later!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Like S’mores!

Last night, we enjoyed time around the fire pit, talking and visiting and making s’mores just like we did when we were younger.

Randy became chief marshmallow roaster, and we applauded her ability to blow them out quickly when they caught on fire!

Melty gooey marshmallow, rich chocolate bars, all squooshed together between two graham crackers.


You’ll have to forgive the blurry photos --- phones don’t like taking pics in the dark, but I think you can get a feel for how nice our last evening was!

oregon2012 316

We made plans for next year ---we talked about what things we’d be doing when we arrived home….and how life will change in the coming 12 months –Randy and Debbie both will have new grandchildren by the time we meet again. Life marches on!

oregon2012 317

No matter how far apart we are, we know we are only a phone call, a text, an email away!

oregon2012 318

We are stuck as close together as the marshmallow to this chocolate between the two graham crackers!

I’m at the Redmond airport—just getting ready to board. Next stop? San Francisco!

I packed the broken laptop in one suit case between my clothes.

I packed the broken featherweight between my projects in the other suitcase. I’m not dealing with lugging them around all the way home. Not like they can get any MORE broken?! My new string quilt is going on the plane with me --- I plan on snuggling with it ALL THE WAY HOME!!