Thursday, March 15, 2012

Find a New Purpose!

Oh how I love learning from the ladies ((and gentlemen)) that I meet in my travels. Sometimes I see things that they have brought or found a new use for ---and it gives me the biggest AHA moment!

You might recognize this little round purple thing as a scotch tape dispenser.

See? It even says SCOTCH right on it.

Well, this whole thing puts my own SCOTCH heritage and nature into happy overdrive!

littlerockAR_2012 111

Do you see what Vickie is using it for? She’s turned it into a traveling bobbin case! The bobbins actually stay on their sides within the little circle, but we laid them down to show them in the picture…you can carry around a whole lotta bobbins in a very compact and protective container that will keep them from unwinding all over the place.

Of course, now it’s on my mind that I need to go buy some TAPE just so that I can have the dispenser… ;c)

iPhone-o-Gram! Good Morning, Burbank!

Out on a morning walk---flowers abundant everywhere! And lemons. And breakfast from a taco truck :-)

It's a beautiful new day!

Quintessential Quest Quilters!

Quin·tes·sen·tial:   [kwin-tuh-sen-shuhl] adjective:

1.of the pure and essential essence of something: thequintessential Jewish delicatessen.

2.of or pertaining to the most perfect embodiment ofsomething: the quintessential performance of the BrandenburgConcertos.

I really couldn’t find any other adjective that described my experience with the Quest Quilters of Little Rock! I came Questing for a great time, and found it!

The building you see here is the library where we met. It’s a beautiful building, both inside and out. The rooms were spacious, the tables were MANY so we had room to spread out, there was a kitchen attached for snack storage – everything right there where we needed it --

And beautiful art right outside the window!

littlerockAR_2012 085

I loved this fountain in the courtyard. I was entertained with tales of other traveling teachers who tried to photograph the fountain in all it’s ---ahhhemmm---glory --- by a strategic placement of finger in the photo to block out the delicate bits, but you know what? Art is beautiful as it is, and I prefer mine unenhanced by fig leaves!

littlerockAR_2012 086

Our class room was just beyond those windows and we could see the burbling fountain while we stitched. So pretty!

This was our My Blue Heaven workshop day ---and at lunch, many of us made a walking pilgrimage over to the River Market!

littlerockAR_2012 087

I was fascinated! What started out years ago as an open air market for farmers to sell their wares, soon became a beautiful building housing ethnic restaurants in food court fashion, every kind of cuisine you could ever want under one roof --- all independent vendors, no big chain entities to be found:

littlerockAR_2012 088

The place was mobbed with people --- of course it was lunch hour, and there was a high school art fair going on with several schools participating, so of course the food court area was full of young life.

littlerockAR_2012 089

What to choose for lunch? There was BBQ and Burgers of course --- pizza, mexican food, sushi ((already had my share thank-you-very-much!!)) greek gyros, ice cream, italian --- you name it – it was here…oh yes, Indian, middle eastern, and then….

littlerockAR_2012 090


Since the evening before was Flying Fish with everything in the deep-fried shade of golden brown –I opted for a fresh veggie stir fry with tofu.

littlerockAR_2012 103

This week we have also talked about “Biggie Sizing” blocks, due to the Winston Ways block that was blown up into a baby quilt in a recent issue of Quilts from 100 Blocks! ((You still have time to enter HERE for that --- the drawing is on Sunday and I’m giving away 2 free copies!)) and one of our quilters decided that she wanted to double the scale of the pieces in the My Blue Heaven quilt --- and make 16” blocks instead of 8” blocks!

Wouldn’t this be great out of some of the bigger modern prints? Here are some of her blocks laid out on the floor:

littlerockAR_2012 118

Isn’t this going to be fun?

littlerockAR_2012 078

Bigger pieces feed easily through the machine!

These ladies made for such a fun workshop with several of them driving from hours away to join us in Little Rock. Plans are under way for us to do it again in 2015!

I’m rested and ready to start meeting a new group of ladies this morning in the “Shirttails!” workshop here in Burbank for the Glendate Quilt Show!

Have a great Thursday, Everyone!