Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Rest of My Day ----

This is Emmy Lou.

Emmy Lou hasn’t moved all day.  I think she’s feeling as tired as I am.

I also took a long nap after Quilt-Cam was over, a much needed nap!

This evening I’ve been putzing around with a new design idea and cutting up scraps and kind of making a mess, but not feeling very motivated.  I think I should take a clue from Emmy Lou and just lay low!

I did however get the binding on my quilt – the first time putting a binding on with Bobby!


Sew, Bobby, Sew!

This 1950s brother is a regular old short shank machine.  So I popped a short shank walking foot on him and away I went…you can see my seam guide is placed right where I needed it to be too…I needed a 1/4” binding so I didn’t chop off the points of some of the piecing in the border.

I love white on navy polka dots!

There have been some things that I said I would do – like show a full out picture of my bow-tie quilt, but the weather has not been cooperating, and I can’t do it IN the house..it needs to be outside when the weather is nice.  Sooner or later that will happen, but hey, it’s December,  you know?

DH and I gave the True Sharp blade sharpener a whirl, and there is an upcoming post on that too….probably Tuesday.

I think I’ll be lazy tonight and just go to bed early ----

Remember tomorrow morning is the Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 3 of Easy Street!


miss jamee said...

LOVE the polka dots! 8)

Judy said...

Have a good nights rest Bonnie. Tomorrow is a new day with lots of possibilities.

Mrs MomMegan Craftsalot said...

I have been working on a bricks and stepping stones quilt. I just decided on the boarders with my hubby's help. I am so excited about how beautiful it is going to be. Only a quilter would understand. thanks for your patterns and inspiration.

Kelly said...

Emmy Lou is adorable!

Kim Andrews said...

Put your feet up and relax! IF you were in Minnesota, that would be the plan after dealing with the snow. vbg

YankeeQuilter said...

Get some rest...take a day off...breathe...

SubeeSews said...

Emmy Lou sure fills up that bed.
I have 4 cats and 6 beds. Macy is the "heat" stealer. She travels around making the current occupant move out so she can take their place for a bit. She does this all the time. All she has to do is stand near the victim and they move for her. What an Alpha cat she is.

Mariana Nortje said...

I love the idea of quiltcam, but living on the opposite side of the world it does not seem possible. I also have a problem with downloading that app that seems to be necessary , sigh.
have a lovely 2013