Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So Curious, George!

Somewhere along the line this past trip I ended up with this dollar bill.
It looks like an every-day-ordinary dollar bill, except that it has a red ring of text around the “E” circle on the left.
I had to put my glasses on to read it.
I have to put my glasses on to read the shampoo/lotion/conditioner labels on hotel toiletries too, heaven forbid you use lotion on your hair as conditioner, but that’s another story!
The red circle says:
“Track This Bill! www.wheresgeorge.com
The back side is also stamped…it says
“Track this bill at www.wheresgeorge.com
PA_VA_JulAug2012 919
I guess they REALLY want me to track this bill!
Note: below is a clip, it is not functional, don't try to use it!
I went to the website, all excited…put in my 10 letters & digits and my zip code!
Just where has this bill traveled? I’m getting anxious to find out how many miles..
Maybe from California? or Texas? Or North Dakota!
I’m thinking as far away as I can ---ALASKA!!
And yes I know this next pic is small, but if left big it breaks the boundaries of my page and into the side bars, so CLICK IT to BIGGIE SIZE!
The last place it was recorded was NORTH CAROLINA?
And I picked it up in Pennsylvania and brought it BACK to North Carolina. Well that lets the air out of my bubbles!
Maybe I need to take it to Bali with me and let it loose since I was told they do accept American dollars there.
Or maybe, just maybe – I’ll let it loose at LAX before leaving the country!


Patchwork Penguin said...

You are too cute :o)

lifetakesaturn said...

I used to get these bills all the time. I got one last week at the Memphis airport. I recorded it when I got back to NC--it had started in Chattanooga, so it hadn't traveled far. But I have gotten some from Washington state and the like, so it's fun to record them and see what you get.

Word to the wise, don't put it in a vending machine. These go right into bank deposits and they tend to disappear. :(

*karendianne. said...

How fun!

diegoagogo said...

Just like a message in a bottle but no bottle!
I bet this is not Treasury approved!
London, UK

Barbara B said...

Bali, for sure!

viridian said...

I have participated in Where's George too, stamping and starting bills out. Many do not go far, but some go very far! According to the website, at least one researcher has used the George data to model how infectious disease might travel.

Susan said...

I've had 2 of these in my purse for ages: the 1st started in Califonia, at a burger place, and the second in Port Royal, S Carolina, but I think it may have originated in Louisiana.

The next time I'm in the US, I'll start them off again!

Sandi P said...

I used to do this too. One of the bills I spent on vacation in Destin, FL ended up in Oregon. I thought that was kind of fun.

Lizzie P said...

Just listened to the final episode of a programme on BBC Radio 4 in the UK. A guy called Steve Boggan follows the trail of a $10 bill across America for 30 days, meeting all sorts of people on the way, sharing their lives until they pass the note on. Most, if not all, were very friendly.
Wish you'd had that $10, Bonnie - what a run he'd have had! Now THAT would've been an interesting episode!
This is what the programe blurb said: 'Surrendering himself to the decisions of others and their daily purchases proves to be a strangely cathartic experience which also opens his eyes to a world of serendipity and unexpected kindness'.

Deborah said...

So true. But oh so much fun.

Janet O. said...

I've come across these now and then, but have never taken the time to actually go to the website. Your results is too funny. Yes, send it on its way to someplace exotic!

Impera_Magna said...

I got one of those bills and I just had to find out where all it had been! What fun...

Raine said...

Hi Bonnie, my DH is an almost fanatical "Georger". I am the enabler. Please take it to Bali. If you register, and someone else enters the bill, you will get an email about where it is. These bills come in with a different color on the recent entry line like purple. It is such a nice surprise to see that different color show up! We have gotten 56 hits in 22 countries. Our Georges go to more places than we do. >^,,^< Raine & Keith >^,,^< (our George tag)

Kim said...

Wow this is the first I heard of this.......I'll keep my eyes peeled for traveling George.

Enjoy your time at home :0)
Happy Sewing from New Mexico

Wendy C said...

my hubby likes collecting these, so I tried to collect 50 to give him for his 50th. I was only able to find 12.

GeeMa said...

I had that bill last week!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to spoil the fun but as a bank teller for over 25 years I find these bills to be a nuisance. The bills disappear because they are considered defaced and must be destroyed. Sure makes for alot of extra work. Susan

Karen in Kentucky said...

One of my 5th grade students brought one of these to school one year. We had a lot of fun tracking that bill as it traveled everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I love your comment about not using lotion on your hair as conditioner. I have done this and I don't know how as I wash my hair in the shower & my lotion is not in the shower but I did it twice and boy was my hair a mess.


Sarah said...

I say take it to Bali!!
I love tracking my bills on WG...I do need to get myself a stamp tho.

Beth said...

You brought the bill back home. LOL Take it to Baali for sure! See if it gets back ti N.C. from there.

Anonymous said...

They are not considered defaced. I don't deposit them in banks because they are more likely to be inactive for a period of time but I have received them from banks.