Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Night at the Starlight Mountain Theater!

We were all jazzed up and ready to be heading over to the Starlight Mountain Theater in Crouch to see this summer’s production of Fiddler on the Roof!

I used to do musical theater when I was a teen, and I so LOVE these classic musicals!

In fact, Jason nudged me a couple of times to get me to shut up from singing --- I’m SORRY, I can’t HELP MYSELF!

We caravanned through town and found our parking spot in the grassy lot out in front of the theater itself. It reminded me of all those times as a kid that we would go to drive-in movies ---but this time --- we piled OUT of the cars, and walked a short distance to the theater where we were met by cast members in full costume, handing out programs and helping direct us to our seating.

idaho2012 018

Here are many of us as we were waiting for the rest of us to arrive.

idaho2012 016

It was a packed house!

idaho2012 020

The cast starts every show with the audience joining in to sing the national anthem.

We were told that during the performance itself that we were not to take pictures, but that we could during intermission or after the show. Knowing what a shutter bug I am – it was hard to put the camera away, but I did!

And at intermission ---we were too busy with an emergency ---the lady sitting two seats down from me passed out cold ---REALLY PASSED OUT--- from what was most likely dehydration! Her family yelled for help --- I saw what was going on and yelled for SOMEONE to call 911 ---the only bad part being…NO ONE HAS CELL SERVICE UP HERE! They must have gotten someone in the office to call it in.

In the mean time, we were in good company with my family. My aunt is a nurse, my brother in law is an EMT and a medical student studying to be a PA. We kept things under control until the ambulance arrived.

Kelly was asking the lady questions after she came back around, and just watching his gentle manner with her made me so proud to have him in my family. Turns out ALL she had had to drink on this 100 degree day ((And it was now after 8pm at night)) was a cup of coffee early in the day, and a can of root beer in the afternoon. That’s the problem with dry heat – you dehydrate so fast and don’t even know it because you don’t sweat. Keep that water flowing, folks!

idaho2012 019

We ended up with a LONG intermission until the ambulance could get there and convince her that she NEEDED to go to the hospital to be checked out.

idaho2012 021

As intermision milled around – the evening got darker, cooler, and gentle breezes were welcome. We were all ready to get back into the story when the music started up again!

idaho2012 022

The bows at the end were met with great rounds of applause and standing ovations!

idaho2012 015

If you find yourself anywhere near Boise, Idaho in the summer time --- It’s well worth the drive up to Crouch to see one of the many musical productions that go on through the season. The talent is phenomenal, the location is breath taking. Just be sure to drink loads of water through the day before you come to the show!


  1. I have so enjoyed "visiting" Crouch with you. I'm from Boise, (actually Kuna/Meridian area) and going to Crouch and McCall every summer was such a joy. It warms my heart to see you traveling through my old stomping grounds!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie. I am glad you enjoyed the production. But I was also impressed the way the lady who fell ill was taken care of. I live in south eastern Australia and we are very aware of how easily one can become dehydrated in summer (and other days too). Often our first sign of dehydrating is a headache, and we encourage people to drink water before reaching for headsache tablets. Unfortunately it seems that you in the US have been experiencing very high temperatures for a prolonged period of time. I do hope Fall comes a little earlier for you. It is possible for us to have high temps (for you 90+ deg)from November to March, and often for days on end. Plus, like some of your states, we can also be ravaged by bushfires that can wipe out towns and many homes. Please be assured that you are all in our prayers and we hope that you recover in time from your ordeal. Best wishes to all, Jenny

  3. I will second that! I love this little outdoor theatre...well worth the trip up the mountain!

  4. I love live musical theater. We have a little theater-in-the-round 20 minutes from our home--in an old barn. Great fun! I used to be in stuff in my high school/college days and I still enjoy catching a show whenever I can. This looks like a really fun place.

  5. I love Fiddler on the Roof - I have the original film on DVD and sing along - to my family's delight :-p - not ! Sounds like you're having a well deserved break xx

  6. So the whole lady passing out reminds me of a funny (well believe it or not I think it was funny) story! At my Mother's funeral we were waiting for everything to begin and I was standing out there talking with people and the little old man they had greeting began to sway. I saw the whole thing and then he passed out! (now he was OK don't fear) The funny part is my Mother was a nurse and three of my Aunts are nurses, two of my cousins are paramedics and my Husband is a paramedic/fireman! So there were a LOT of people there to help. I see the humor in EVERYTHING so I had to go into the other room so I could laugh! I know I am horrible, but...

  7. That's awesome! I really enjoy unique theatrical productions. We saw Pirates of Penzance many years ago at Mystic Seaport. They used a ship as the set! We just went to see Julia's friend in a production of Sound of Music in an old barn. It was turned into a theater in 1933. It's hot and cramped, but only a block from the beach. It is a southern Rhode Island summer tradition.


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