Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Again!

Which means I slept in, which means this is a late blog post! You can pretty much tell when I’m home because I didn’t write a post the night before to go live early in the morning like I do if I’m out on a trip and have to leave early to teach a class…THOSE posts I write at night before going to bed so I don’t have to get up extra early in the morning to write!

TODAY – is NOT a teaching day…it’s a JAMMIE day! Or at least a comfy clothes day. I woke up about 8:30, took a shower…had my breakfast and I’ve spent the last little bit going through my photos to figure out what to write about!

I have a new love –AIRPLANE PHOTOS!! The only hard part is they have you turn all electronic devices OFF during the first 10 minutes of the flight, and the last 10 minutes of the flight so most of the time it means you are going to MISS being able to take a phone pic of what you are wanting to get upon take off or landing…

((Just putting it in airplane mode is not good enough, they want everything with an on/off button turned completely off and stowed for the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of the flight, so you can't photograph take off and landing with an electronic device.))

But 10 minutes into the flight…the “ding ding” rang and the flight attendant announced “You may now use your approved portable electronics….” And I hit that power-on button and begged that phone to hurry up and boot on! THIS is the picture I got as we flew along the Florida Gulf Coast heading North. The clouds were puffy --- the water that magnificent blue/green, the sand on the shore! What I couldn’t capture was the first 10 minutes where the water was so clear you could see straight to the bottom. I could see boats making their way out to sea, white specks in that turquoise, their wakes plainly visible from the air.

Our second workshop was My Blue Heaven ---we had a full fun group! However, I think the Canadian Contingency was feeling their lack of sleep over the excitement of the past several days and were much more quiet ((Notice I’m not saying WORN OUT!)) But much quilt shop hopping and class taking and shopping and eating out and sleeping in hotel rooms can wear a body out – ask me how I know!

I had a wonderful surprise at the Trunk Show that night..a couple of them actually! Seems they had arranged for a “Blast from my past” to come up and introduce me! I had no idea what was going on…I was sitting in the front row, she came from the back….

VeniceFL2012 114

Ellen and I were in the Devine Quilters Guild ((Only called Devine because we met on Devine Street! LOL!)) and she now lives in Sarasota! It was wonderful to touch base with her. If you’ve ever visited Columbia South Carolina, and visited a shop called Carolina Quilter, then you have probably met Ellen. She retied a few years back and moved to Florida and is loving life down there!

VeniceFL2012 115

The birthday bash continues! Unbeknownst to me, this poster was passed around for all class members to sign and the whole poster fit in my suitcase for display in my studio! What a riot! I had NO IDEA this is what everyone was signing….I was too busy to pay attention!

VeniceFL2012 116

What happens at the beach stays at the beach! LOL!!

It was a great trip and these ladies were just fabulous! Thank you to the Venice Quilters Guild for making my 50th such a fun and memorable time!


  1. Bonnie, you have an iphone, can't you just put it on airplane mode and then still use your camera?
    I haven't flown with mine, so I didn't know if that was ok according to regulations.

    So glad you are continuing your birthday celebrations, my mom always said we should party for a week with every birthday!

  2. What a GREAT birthday card/poster! I love the picture. So, what DID you do at the beach???

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM EST

    What a fun trip. Hey Bonnie in your visitor's live feed, I'm that one from Menifee, CA.

    Stella in So CA

  4. I think that Birthday bash was soooo nice; aren't quilters just the nicest people??? Julierose P.S. Nice to hear that a lot of people like retirement in Fla--with this lousy weather up here in CT, we often "chat" about moving south....

  5. I love all those scrappy, happy "My Blue Heaven" starts. Each color scheme makes a uniquely different quilt.
    The poster is a hoot!!

  6. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing My Blue Heaven slides...the blocks are gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM EST

    that's so awesome, what a great birthday gift! Never know what kind of surprises this year will bring for you! Enjoy every day to the fullest and every trip till the last day!

  8. How fun for you to see Ellen!! I used to drop in to see her just after she moved when my mother-in-law lived nearby. We moved her over near Daytona three years ago so I haven't seen Ellen since then. She looks great!

  9. Hi Bonnie, glad to see you got home safe and sound on Thursday, we did too even with a very tight flight connection and going through Canadian Customs. Yes we the members of the Canadian Contingency were totally exhausted by the time we got to the airport on Thursday. The trip to Venice FL far exceeded our expectations and we were delighted to be able to help you celebrate your 50th on Monday night :D
    Katherine in Winnipeg


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