Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m wishing all the Dads out there…be they sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, friends, and/or neighbors a wonderful day! Our lives wouldn’t be the same without you! You deserve a special day surrounded by loved ones and family…It’s YOUR day! Enjoy It!

I spoke to my dad quite a bit yesterday on my drive home from Orlando. We don’t get to see each other that often. He lives in Arizona, and I’m clear in the other Corner in North Carolina…but thanks to the wonders of the internet and cell phone..in some ways I feel that we communicate more often and better than we ever have.

Still…It didn’t hit me until THURSDAY that it was Father’s Day today --- and that meant running around Lakeland trying to find a place where I could buy a couple of Fathers Day cards, AND some stamps..AND…find a mail box or post office to get them out fast!

Let’s face it…cyber cards just don’t cut it for some holidays. It doesn’t work for Anniversaries, Valentines, Mothers Day or Fathers Day. I am a card giver. And I was off in search of the perfect card!

FloridaJune2011 214

Of course, my choosing of this plaza to purchase my cards WAS largely due to the fact that there was a Twistee Treat in the parking lot! :cD A girl has to have priorities you know! And, the sugar-free-fat-free coconut frozen yogurt was pretty dang good for it being 98 degrees out there! Cards purchased, stamps purchased, and I wrote the cards in the cool A/C of my car while enjoying my frozen treat. Mail box in the same plaza? BONUS! Father’s Day was officially covered!


I think I’ve posted this pic before. This is my dad and me, circa 1963…I always thought I had the most handsome dad on the block! This is a Minneapolis Summer pic…which means it is at least June/July/August of 1963. I was born in January of 62, so this puts me about 18 months old. :c) And, it’s my favorite pic of us, so will likely be a re-blog for future father’s day and father’s birthday posts!

I stopped HERE on my way home from Florida yesterday!

FloridaJune2011 290

This was right off the highway I was on, and I had to go flip a U-turn to go back to it..it was too inviting to pass up! Would there be quilts in here? Only a wander through would tell…in fact..I only found ONE!

FloridaJune2011 294

Big Chunky Blocks…thick batting and wild fabrics from the 1940’s with some 30’s thrown in…I loved the fan quilting of course! The one main theme was to keep the blues in the 4 patches pointed toward the center of the block, and many of the block sashings seemed to be red, or had red in them…but that was about it! A true scrap-bag quilt with a wild variety of fun fabrics!

FloridaJune2011 295 FloridaJune2011 296

aren’t these fun!? I love the polka dots, plaids and stripes! And do you see that block on the left? The upper left-most square is a smaller scale of polka dot than the rest, but it works okay. We MAKE IT DO!

FloridaJune2011 297 FloridaJune2011 298

We’ve got extra large black dots…we’ve got white dots on a blue background, and red dots on a white background, and the red ones are even “frugal-pieced” to get a sashing that is big enough! Isn’t this great?! I love how fun the block on the left is…those stripes go every direction, and look at that plaid…and the dots make my eyes funny…WHEEEEE!

No, I didn’t buy it…again, over priced for how worn it was, it’s badly shredded and fabrics have really bled in places. It’s a Utility quilt they were trying to get museum quality prices for! But..a Picture is worth 1000 words….and great for the inspiration!

FloridaJune2011 291

I also had to browse the machines! This Wilcox & Gibbs is Very old, and completely frozen up. I wonder about the lady who sewed on this one…what was her life like? What did she sew? Did she quilt? We’ll never know!

FloridaJune2011 292

As a Minnesota Girl, I’d LOVE to have one of these…..this one had a really beautiful cabinet front, but parts were missing, and it didn’t move very readily either. Besides, I think Diane told me that these use a special needle, and I’m wanting things with easy-to-replace parts. Still….it’s a Minnesota! ((Can you hear the pull!??))

FloridaJune2011 293

This baby had beautiful decal work, but they want nearly as much for her as they would a Featherweight! I think the fame of the featherweight has put up all the prices on vintage machines as well, and it’s getting ridiculous. Still…isn’t she a beauty?! I have too many machines to really want to bring another one home, but I still have to pet them and love them, give their wheels a turn and hope they find their way to a good home somewhere with someone who will clean them, oil them, fix them and USE THEM!

FloridaJune2011 299

Behind the Antique Mall was a farmer’s market/flea market! You know you are in the south when Hot Boiled Peanuts are the in thing! I’ve never become very fond of the texture. It’s like biting into little mushy peanut butter balls, but some people love them! Just gotta get past the slimy! LOL! Me? I prefer my peanuts salted..in the shell!

FloridaJune2011 300

And you gotta know it is SUMMER when the melons are for sale everywhere. I passed lots of people just parked on the side of the road, selling melons out of the back of their trucks! At this point in the farmer’s market I was too far from my car to want to carry melons around. And being the bargain hunter I am, I would have had to go for the 3 for $5, you know? :cD

FloridaJune2011 303

I don’t know if you can tell up the road in front of me how SMOKY it is….this picture doesn’t do it justice at all. I started smelling the smoke and SEEING the smoke again just outside of Jacksonville. It goes up all the way past Brunswick, GA…and the smell is sickening. I put the A/C on recirculate so I wasn’t constantly having smoke sucked inside the car, but it was still really bad.

The fires in and near the Okefenokee Swamp have burned about a quarter of a million acres with no signs that the weather will provide much help with much needed rain. Read more at Jacksonville.com It’s just really sad. They need rain, and lots of it!

Well, today is the big day. It’s the day that I start looking for a minivan to replace my Saturn Vue. I just can’t haul enough in it! Cases of books and 50lb duffels of quilts…Not to mention my luggage, my sewing machine, project bins, etc. I need something with doors that slide open wide for easy access, and seats that tuck under to give me more room. It’s just time! Thinking about a Honda or a Toyota. And Yes. MINIVAN – I already have an SUV, so a Honda CRV is a step toward LESS space, rather than more. My Saturn already has more room than a CRV, so…here we go! Mama needs some NEW WHEELS!

I’ll keep ya posted!


  1. I love the old sewing machines... I always think about the people who used them... a connection to the past...

    Have fun finding you some new wheels...

  2. Wow - what a cute pic Bonnie! So sweet & happy!!! And I'm with you on NOT sending ecards for special days like Father's & Mother's day. And I still love shopping for the perfect card, addressing it - BY HAND!!!! - and putting on that stamp, anticipating their face and their emotions as they read it.... Just can't beat that!

  3. What a wonderful picture of you and your Dad! I love going on road trips with you and seeing all the sights. I would love to find watermelon for those prices. Yikes, it's so expensive here in CA. where I live.
    I vote for an Honda Van. I don't have one, but one of my quilting friends has one with all the bells * whistles, and it's great! However, if you are tall (my hubby is 6'4) the front foot-leg space can be cramped on the Toyota and Honda models. We opted to trade in our Toyota Sienna because my husband just could drive it long distances with the cramped leg room. We have a Nissan Murano now. For someone who does as much driving as you do, all the creature comforts and safety would be a priority. Have fun shopping!

  4. Bonnie:
    Love your photo and tribute to Dads. Enjoy your conversations with your dad - you will miss them when he's gone.
    RE: Van - I have a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country with stow and go seating. It is the favorite vehicle of my life, wish I would have had one when my kids were young and home. We don't need a truck as we can haul a lot in it, seats 7 if necessary, and you can flip down the way back seats for some moderate storage or the back seats AND way-back seats for the most. Check them out, if your budget is for new or used, I'm sure you could justify the cost with all the traveling you do. Good luck!!!

  5. I saw that Twistee Treat and thought - hey - you;re in Lake Wales but alas - no. Close though. I'm sorry I missed you in Sebring but I had to work and just got back from visiting my dd, her family, and my mom and dad.
    Love the pic of you and your dad!
    We also experienced that smoke on I-95 coming home from VA Beach. We're all prying for rain.

  6. Love your pictures! That quilt is so great. I also fondle sewing machines and think about their former owners. I'm on a strict don't-take-any-more-home-unless-you-get-rid-of-one diet right now. Guess I finally realized I can only use one at a time.

    Good luck with the van shopping! I love my Sienna.

  7. You also need to have your own folding truck/cart for those issues with missing luggage carts. It would not take up much room. Remember that picture of the quilter with a cart full of plastic bins you posted? That is what you need!
    The new mini-vans are really plush too! the doors open and close electronically. Built in Bluetooth....
    good luck on van shopping.
    XOXOXO Subee

  8. You seem to have so much fun and I love following your travels. The quilt is nice but I find that same problem all the time ~ priced way to much for what they are. But then again the history of the quilts is priceless. I did find one at a Goodwill for $1.50. It is tattered in spots and I'm not sure what its batting is made of. Its in dire need of a wash but I'm afraid to do that to it. My mom gave me a Singer machine that believe it or not..I forgot about. I think I'm to the point where I need to plug it in and see if it works. I was told by some quilting people that its a workhorse machine. Good luck on your Minivan search..Being a mom of 6 I am thankful to have outgrown that phase..but there is saddness in that..that means my kids are growing up too. =)

  9. We have several family and friends that have the Toyota Sienna.....comfortable, reliable and and good mileage...they all rave!
    I wish I had just one picture of my Dad and me together. Nope not one....I was one of seven kids and being number 5 just wasn't very special.
    This one of you and your Dad....priceless.

    Enjoy your time at home :0) and Happy sewing

  10. Great picture with your dad! I have a Toyota sienna and love, love, love it! Have fun shopping :)

  11. I retired a few months ago and just before that happened I got a new vehicle...well, at least new to me.

    Neighbor thought I should get a "sporty/sports" car, but we have one of those already (mostly for hubby) and I don't like driving it much, WAY too much power!

    I decided I wanted a minivan and got a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country. It has the stow and go seats that fold all the way down. I tote a lot of stuff, including grandchildren from time to time.

    I love this vehicle. I love the automatic sliding and tailgate doors, marvel at how easy it is to drive, how much it will carry and one of the best things is that it's easy for my dog to hop in and out of! Sounds silly, but that is important to me.

    Thanks for all the pictures and the opportunity to "travel along with you".

  12. The secret to eating boiled peanuts is to think of them as salty peas in a shell.

  13. Definitely a handsome daddy, and your face is just the same now as back then! Thanks for the antique mall tour. I hit a shop today while walking in New Haven that had old machines and thread and feed sacks, but I'm traveling with no way to cart stuff along, so I talked myself out of purchases I couldn't really afford anyway.

  14. You DO look the same as that wee one.
    I drive a 12 passenger Chevy Express. Bad on gas, but ALWAYS enough room. I LOVE driving it too. I hope you find the vehicle you love. Thank you for the fun trip without the drive.


  15. Anonymous8:07 PM EDT

    Hey, Bonnie, I hope you read this before you decide on a new vehicle. Here in Maine I have been seeing a lot of the little Ford vans called Transports or Transits ( I can't remember for sure) However, they are a neat little van with a high top and great space in the back. You may want to check them out. My vehicle of choice is a GMC 1-ton Cargo van, never was one for "class", more utilitarian. Good luck hunting for just what you need.
    Faye B. abusyquilter

  16. I enjoyed the "trip" to the Antique Mall with you.

  17. Love this! So how long until we recreate that quilt - it is lovely!!!

  18. Toyota Siennas ride better than Hondas, but then, I'm a Toyota girl through and through.

    Where do you find replacement parts for your vintage machines? I have an Electric City treadle, but am afraid to use it for fear of breaking the needle or bobbin!

  19. I have a Minnestota - it was my grandmother's. Unfortunately it was in my sister's barn too long and is rusted shut. The cabinet fell apart; I have a couple of the pieces.

    I use Firefox, by the way.

  20. Dads are special, that's for sure. Mine has been gone for 35 yrs & I still think about him on Father's Day (and other times too).
    I love that quilt....It's easy and would be a great stash-buster! I even love the fabrics they used.
    That old father/daughter photo is precious, and I agree that you do look the same, especially the eyes.

  21. Your dad was and is (as I know from Your posts) a really handsome man. And the picture shows him beeing so happy with You. It's a picture to look at when days are rainy.
    Thank You Bonnie for Your inspiring blog!

  22. Love the pic of you and your dad!


  23. Hi Bonnie, I live in Jacksonville and the smoke has been so bad. We've had air quality warnings almost every day and we need rain badly! It's really put a damper on my noon time walking. Yuck! Anyway, love the pic of you and your dad. He's very handsome. :-) Oh, and we own a Sienna and love it.


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