Friday, February 20, 2009

Staying in Stitches, Statesboro GA!

I had a WONDERFUL time with the ladies of the Statesboro guild....Staying in Stitches!

I met up with Grace at her house as that is where I stayed the night. We went out to a fun place for dinner, and then off to the guild's meeting location. Trunkshow on Tuesday night, Workshop on Wednesday!

Somehow it feels like it has been more days than that...I know I got home yesterday afternoon,and today is only Friday, but I could have sworn we packed more days in than that!

Vicki D brought her TREADLE machine to the workshop!

This was so fun to see. I'd really like to get one of my singer treadles functional. You know...sewing out on the back deck over looking the woods? Maybe it sounds better than it actually would be. Southern humidity, Southern bugs taken into consideration :c)

Here are some pics taken at the workshop. The ladies were doing BEAUTIFUL work. One of the things I really love is seeing all the different fabrics and twists people put on things. From brights and novelties to 1930's pastels, and everything scrappy in between! It was just nice all the way around.

Staying in Stitches, Statesboro GA 2009

Here's a little slide show of the quilts in progress!

I left the ladies to drive to Jason's house in columbia, but hadn't even left the parking lot when I got a call telling me I'd left my quilt backdrop stand behind! So I turned around and came back...and left again :c)

I met Jason and Kim at their house in Columbia, Charlotte joined us for dinner at San Jose's Mexican....which is one of our favorites. Don't have that one up here near Winston, so it is a must do when I am in the area. I love the chicken fajita quesadillas!

I did a bit of antique mall hopping on the way home. I've got TWO lovelies to show you....but I need to lay them out to get pics. Maybe tomorrow...

I've been back to working hard at the gym and it is really starting to pay off. My trainer is kicking my butt! And I am loving the classes as well. It's also nice knowing some friendly faces so I can feel like...yes....after a year...I can stop feeling like such a newbie and make some roots here.

Next stop on my schedule? Gloucester VA! I leave Tuesday.


  1. How fun that she dragged a whole treadle machine to class!! Wow!! Ok....check my blog for Boxy Stars with border.

  2. My treadle machine is soooo heavy I could never picture bringing it to a class! Good for her though! How many calories do you think it burns...enough to skip a gym class?..a second chocolate brownie perhaps?!

  3. I cannot imagine dragging a treadle to a workshop, that's commitment and dedication! I'm sure the ladies loved the class as much as the teacher!

  4. I leave Tuesday for VA too. Are you planning to attend the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show - you won't be far from it in Gloucester. I don't know how long you'll be there but it starts Thursday.

  5. Looks like you had a great time!!
    Yup, that would be one heavy task, bringing a treadle to class!!
    I would maybe consider one of my hand-crank Singers...!!!
    All the best!
    Mary Ann in Denmark

  6. You are forever on the go arent you? Cant wait to see what goodies you bought and way to go on the gym! That's what I need.

  7. Now that's fun! A treadle to class. It's actually not that bad taking a treadle along because you can remove the machine head and just carry the cabinet and machine separately. But, it does take two people. I've often toyed with the idea of taking one to a class, but our guild meetings in the basement of a Church with really steep stairs!! Great to see the photos.

    Jacqui in Canada

  8. Might be fun for the no electricity due to natural or human disaster days.


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