Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long Distance Sewing...

Sounds like an Olympic sport,doesn't it? But actually it was a LOT easier than that, and what fun we've had.

You know I've only been in NC for a year. And roots are hard to develop, mostly because I find it hard to get involved with much due to time commitments. I only make half my guild meetings here, if that, can't volunteer for a church committee because I am not here enough to fulfill that obligation either. Can't sing in the choir anymore, I miss more than half the rehearsals, not to mention several of the Sundays...But to everything there is an "on the other hand"....and I love where I am in my life right now.

Lucy and I have done this long distance sewing thing before, and it is so fun...almost like we are in the same room. She set her laptop on the table near her featherweight, I put my laptop on the desk next to my machine, cameras on, microphones working...and we can talk and chat and sew at the same time! From across the world!

I am just in awe of this technology. I mean....stop...and think about it. I was sitting here in North Carolina, listening to her clock chime, hearing someone knocking on her front door, listening to her pick up the telephone for a conversation, seeing her sew on her featherweight while we visited. I could look out her window and see the houses across the street. People riding by on bicycles, or walking their dogs. And she could see me.

It was just wonderful fun. Didn't last long...she got called away to fix dinner, and I lunch :c) (we are 6 hours apart time zone wise) but having that precious time with a friend across the miles was balm to my soul!


  1. I love the technology of the internet. It just boggles my mind!! When my son was in Iraq, we were able to communicate with instant messenger. Fantastic.

    Regards, Peg

  2. I know what you mean...
    this is how I visit with my grandchild across the country :0)
    Every minute is a gift.

    Happy Sewing Bonnie

  3. It is so fun! I love instant messenger too...just like talking! Please show your scrappy wonderful quilt with the diamond border! Can't wait for that one!!!

  4. I need to do this with my best friend Nancy. She only lives across town, but we never seem to find the time to get together to sew. You have given me a great idea. You are full of them, even non quilty ones! Thanks.

  5. What a nice idea Bonnie, I just wrote a friend on the east coast to see if she wanted to try this!
    Sharyn in Kalama/KalamaQuilts

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Technology is wonderful. I live in Arkansas and my 6 & 8 year old grandchildren are in Wisconsin, every so often we set up the computers, microphones and camera's and get on windows messenger and play tic tac toe or checkers and talk and laugh with each other too. I get to hear the dog bark and hear my daughter yelling in the background that it is time to get off the computer and tell grandma good bye because they have to get school homework done :) just like I am there in the same room with them :)

  7. Bonnie, please write on your blog about moving to N. Carolina and what you like there. What you miss from home? We have thought many times of moving there but have not made that leap yet. I love the idea of quilting so I need to take classes and begin. Thanks!

  8. Wouldn't it be fun to have a Skype sewing weekend ..... I believe you can do conferences with it.

  9. That is so awesome..my grandkids are over 1 province up nort away, but we too see and talk to them and them to us over the webcam.. so cool.. and that just makes it special.. glad to see you had fun ..

  10. This is really cool. What program do you use. I see others have mentioned Messenger and Skype. Friends tried using Skype for video conferencing when their daughter was in Egypt last semester but the Internet service there was so poor that it usually didn't work.

  11. Oh, how neat! Ain't technology grand!

  12. Oh, it is so hard to have to be away from friends. My best friend is halfway across the country, and I have others scattered, too. I sympathize with you, too, about not being able to make commitments because of work travel. I don't travel, but I do work every other weekend, and it just makes it hard to do things on normal people time. everything seems to be set up for people with set schedules, five days a week, not for people who get every third Thursday off, every other sat/sun and so on....please remember that your wonderful website and inspiring blog have earned you so many "virtual" friends!

  13. I live in Bonn and one of my German friends has moved to South Carolina. We Skype and quilt every Monday (4pm in Germany and 10am in SC). She has even carried her laptop around the house so I can see her new sewing room. It's such a good way to keep close.

  14. Yes, it's certainly special, isn't it? When Keryn lived three thousand miles away we talked with skype, and had headsets so we could sew at the same time. So glad those days are over, it's great to have my quilting buddy in the same town.
    I hope you are enjoying the Janome, I used to do customer quilts on mine before the Gammill came along. I did one that measured 108" square, and the machine handled it fine. When I'm doing bindings the thread cutter is great as you get to the corners; I like to push that little button without having to reach for the snips.

  15. the world truly is a SMALL place, and technology makes it even smaller. I'm happy that you (and your friend)have the skills and equipment to make this happen! What a blessing.

  16. That would be so much fun!!

    (I would definitely have to finish my clean-up/reorg before I would let anyone see my sewing studio though!LOL)

    Hope to see you at bee tonight!

  17. I just love how so many of us have forged wonderful friendships with people that we probably would never have met save for the internet. It's truly an amazing thing.

  18. We use "Logitech quick cam" to video with the kids. It is easy to hook up and works with IM on AIM.
    My granddaughter is only 6 months old and she recognizes our voices and looks right into the camera She smiles, laughs and goo gahs with us.
    Its fantastic. Not as good as holding her but pretty darn good.
    My son also has this cool little video camera called "Flip" he send us little videos of her doing the most adorable things!
    I love this new technology....getting pictures, videos and video visiting....remember taking pictures, printing them and then sending those off to grandma?
    Life is good :0)

  19. I am so there!!! I have been here In Lexington. since Sept. Another load of "stuff" from the old house in WV always has interupted getting to W/S Guild, until Feb. Hope to catch up with you one of these days, at W/S. Have read your blog, since before a chance of moving here!


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