Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On The Road...

My camera has a dead battery. This is not a good thing on a trip! But thanks to my friend Shirley Anne...(otherwise known as SAO from Midlothian VA) you can still visit along to see glimpses of workshops and trunkshows and show and tell and other quilter mayhem by visiting her blog Shirley Anne's Heart.

It is so fun to meet people in person after knowing them by email. Catherine, Margaret, SAO..you guys are a blast! I love the little tote bag and goodies that Catherine gifted me with. I'll get pics (when camera is back charged) and show you when I get home just what this gal does with pockets, plackets, collars and cuffs!

I'm in recycled fabric heaven, Catherine! Thank you!


  1. It is amazing how much we depend on our camera, almost as much as we do our quilts. I hope you continue to have a nice trip.

  2. I wish I could fit in your suitcase and travel along. Photos are the next best thing. I visited Shirley, great show and tell.

  3. Stop by a pharmacy and get a disposable camera!!!

  4. ...safe travels my friend...

  5. Your blog is absolutly fantastic...I never saw such a busy lady like you....and everything looks perfect...great...the colours...the design...I love it all!!!
    I am very sad that you are so far away from me.....I would like to work with you....to attend your workshops....to learn from you.
    Best wishes from Germany and am I allowed to link your great blog on mine, because it is a big source of inspiration.

  6. Bonnie,
    Happy Birthday!


  7. Heard it was you birthday. Sence I cant sing, really, I cant. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!!
    Hope it was a good one.


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