Saturday, January 10, 2009

Choices, Choices!

You know, sashing color can REALLY effect the look and the "feel" of a quilt. Remember these blocks? Here is Oscar after rearranging my "Nines In The Middle."

Before I left for The Netherlands, I had been toying with these blocks and how to lay them out, with what, etc.

My first draft was light sashings...but it became TOO LIGHT in the quilt. It took over...big blank blah.

Keep in mind my first go-to is usually red, but I have so many quilts with red, that red is off the docket for this one (which is why I also chose pink for Double Delight) No red.

I love the look of old quilts made with mourning prints. I had a lovely by Baum that I had never used..just petted. But it made the quilt look SO somber, I guess the blocks felt like THEY were in mourning too. So. Nope.

Bright green? AAACKKK! I got sea sick right away! Even though I love this color,and I'll use the strips I cut in something else...

The kicker with a scrap quilt is...it can't be a fabric that cancels out anything else in the quilt. It can't be the same color as major block parts because then those blend together and it looks like parts go missing.

Medium. I needed a Medium. I needed something that was darker than the lights, yet lighter than the darks. Something that would let each color and fabric do it's own thing without playing too heavy a part in the design...

I found a little blue gingham check in the closet, I had about 3 yards of it. I wasn't thinking I wanted blue at first, but I think it is what the QUILT wants.

Gingham is timeless. It never looks dated. It doesn't upstage anything. It's like a trusted friend, just willing to lend a helping hand! Click the pic to get a closer look.

Cornerstones and all of the squares in each block are 2" leaders and enders. Come to think of it so are the light triangles. Those 2" squares are just the ticket for so many things!

And in looking at these pictures, I STILL like that mourning print..but when you see it lifesize....the print is so busy and it just makes the quilt look depressed. I'm sure I'll find another quilt for THOSE sashing too....

I've spent the morning hooking up my backup "MY BOOK" for the computer. I've wanted this thing for a long time..I'm backing up EVERYTHING on it, and telling myself to back everything up monthly, if not every 2 weeks. I'm not going to lose anything. I'm already so happy that I switched to gmail for my email because never again will I lose my address book,etc. But I needed to back up not only my computer, but my website as well. I think 1 Terabyte will hold A LOT! :cD

I was also sick of all the usb cords everywhere, so I bought a hub thing, and now all the wires are OUT of sight. I hate a bunch of electrical cords and computer wires and cables everywhere in a big mess. It's a real peeve of mine. Now it is all straightened, cords bound up, all functional. Much better!


  1. Bingo--the perfect sashing. Thanks for sharing your thought process.

  2. Isn't it interesting how changing the sashing makes so much difference? And also how different eyes see differentl? I love the green sashing but I love bright colors. By the way, I think your borders on the DD were perfect!

  3. It's still hardware, and hardware fails. You should look into some of the online backup services. I use Mozy.com for my personal computer as well as all the servers and laptops I am responsible for at work. No matter what happens, my data is safe. Yes, it is all encrypted before it leaves my computer. Very reasonably priced.

  4. Love that scrappy look, & think the blue is perfect.
    How do you find time to write such wonderful posts as well as all your other things! You are amazing.

  5. I love how playing with just one element of a quilt can change the whole feel of it, and it gives me heart to know that you sometimes have the same struggles we do when it comes to selecting a fabric.
    Have a wonderful weekend Bonnie hon.

  6. The blue is just right!

    But what are mourning prints?

  7. I like the blue, but I think each of those sashing strips would look fab with a scrappy light square on the end (smile)

  8. Good Saterday to you Bonnie!! I liked the darker sashing but it did look busy by those blks. The green is to bright to play nice, but a ligher, softer one would have worked. The light one, I don't hate it, but it's not my favorite either!! This, coming from someone who kept making a quilt top, not sure how I felt about it till it was all done, borders and all - then I liked it!! ;-) So I am thinking the border is going to make this quilt shine!! And you are so good at making your borders that you are going to have another beautiful quilt!!!
    I enjoyed reading how you picked and choose the colours and for the sashing - it's a nice way to learn how the experts do it, so when I am fumbling around trying to see what works, it's nice to know others are too!

    Have a great weekend! Brenda

  9. Anonymous10:25 PM EST

    Great post. It's nice to see the professionals sometimes struggle with color selection. This makes me feel more like a normal quilter.

  10. excellent post and great pic of Oscar. Personally I like the green sashing although it does make me think of little green aliens. hee hee hee. glad you've got that computer backup - woohoo.

  11. The mourning fabric reminds me of a quilt Mother inherited and we used to "cover up" when we watched TV back in the 50's, so I LOVED that for the memories. Surprising since I'm such a blue freak!

    Love the DD. I was wanting those borders to be BLUE, but I can see why brown was the better choice. Anxious to see it with the binding. Sew your heart out, Bonnie. Yeah, I'm sure they are already finished.

    And to the lady having a bad day...I love watching your mysteries evolve. I didn't think I'd like this quilt but absolutely love it! I love it without the borders!

  12. Bonnie,
    My younger sister put me on to your website and can I just tell you how much I enjoyed your creativeness, willingness to share and great scrap quilts in 2008. I look forward to following you as a faithful follower in 2009 and beyond--maybe into infinity....


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