Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogging From Detroit!

So here I sit in Detroit, a 3 hour layover...Actually, it is not too bad because for the first time in 2 weeks I am sitting at a gate all by myself, just typing with my thoughts. Detroit looks pretty gray and chilly, in fact, my flight from Madison was delayed because they had to "de-ice" the wings. Oh...I am so happy to be going back SOUTH!!

I don't mind the cold..but ice is tricky. I don't mind the snow as long as the sun comes out and the sky goes blue and sunny, but that gray stuff that lingers for days, where it feels perpetually 4pm all day long...that drags on me.

I've had a WONDERFUL time. You know, I got to meet people that I've only known through blogging and internet groups, and it is so fun how they appear just how they do in email. I think conversation and communication really is the key to knowing someone. I felt right at home with these ladies because we have worked on this trip for the past year or so...and it went off without a hitch.

I have my camera card in the computer...but I am having a hard time running the program to get them into a folder and able to edit them down. Pictures may still need to wait until I get home to deal with them, but then again..a lot can be done in 3 hours! There maybe be pictures to this post by the time I am done!

The first thing I can tell you is that I was able to finish the hand quilting on 3am hot flash! The binding is in progress. I packed up a couple of boxes to UPS home so I didn't have to deal with excess baggage. They won't beat me home, but should be there by wednesday, so you'll get pics of that then.

I have started the hand quilting on my crumb-y tulips and that is going fast. I'm quilting it from the BACK because I am quilting with black thread and it is easier to see what the heck I'm doing. I just couldn't see the stitches in the miriad of fabric scraps and crumbs in the front.

(AS I'm sitting here, I'm uploading a slide show to webshots..yeah!)

Here is the first slide show, mostly Illinois, a bit of Wisconsin, all before the Madison retreat.

I have to tell you about the most amazing experience....okay, it was ALL amazing..but I was able to travel to Patsy McClusky's Homestead Retreat.

It really IS an authentic old cabin turned into a wonderful retreat center that sleeps 24! I was able to spend one afternoon sewing before we had to go to Spring Green to do a lecture/trunkshow at Spring Green, Wisconsin. I wasn't sure how many people to expect, we were holding it at Arthur's Restaurant, and like Patsy's blog says..it's the "Middle of NOWHERE." Imagine my surprise when BUSLOADS of quilters started arriving!

Guilds had chartered busses and had a grand time talking and luaghing and singing and visiting from outlying areas to come to our trunkshow! One bus almost hit a deer...so that was quite the talk of the town for a bit, but I also understand that deer are like squirrels out there...everywhere..so we shouldn't have been surprised.

The next morning I had to leave Patsy's at 6am to get to Oconomowoc (And yes, after all this time I have learned how to spell it!) for a class there. I did several guilds in the area, spending from Tuesday morning to Sunday afternoon (today) as the Guest of Cathy and Tom who hosted me in their beautiful home on the lake, fed me full, tucked me into a dark quiet guestroom, and converted me to the wonder of heated floors on a cold wintery morning...ohhhhh! My toes have never been so toasty!

The gals in the Oconomowoc area were wonderful. I feel like I've added new friends to my life! We are thinking of a retreat in 2010...will have to book that on my calendar :c)

Wisconsin Nov 2008
This slideshow includes the Janesville gal's reterat in Madison, and the Oconomowoc workshops....I am SO inspired by the fabrics that everyone was using for the various projects. Several ladies were doing theirs in Christmas fabrics and I thought that was a cool idea. I neer feel like sewing for Christmas until After Thanksgiving, and by then it's too late to really do anything but create a new UFO..so...if you take a class, pull out the Christmas fabrics and away you go!

I really LOVED the Virginia Bound quilts done with the Christmas fabrics..way to go!

Okay everyone..that should catch you up just a bit. I've got another hour or so here in Detroit, but I'm going to walk around, find some dinner (Heaven forbid they feed you ANYTHING on the plane anymore, it's just a beverage) and wing my way home. I am now HOME for a full month before I leave for the Netherlands on Nov 15th! OH happy day...I'm going to S E W !!!! (I am in desparate need of more machine time!)

My best to you!


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM EST

    Wow...I'm sending you this and your in the air by now! Welcome back home!!! We missed you!!!

  2. What a wonderful time Bonnie! I'm glad it has all worked out so well. What a beautiful place to work in and meet friends.

  3. I'm glad you're back! I'm about to start a quilt from your book and am looking forward to updates from your blog more often.

  4. Welcome back home
    I am sure there has been alot of us having Bonnie withdrawals.

  5. Wonderful pictures Bonnie! You're such a busy girl, I truly don't know where you get the energy. You amaze me!!

  6. Thanks for visiting Illinois and Wisconsin! It was FUN to meet you *in person* and *see* all your beautiful quilts!

    Safe travels to you!

  7. Glad to see things went well and you had fun. I'm sooo jealous!

  8. You said you were going to the Netherlands, visiting friends or also for a workshop or lecture? I'd like to know b/c I live in The Netherlands. Greetings, Henny

  9. that's so fun to see your book on the shelves- woohoo! whee, those classes look wonderful.

  10. If you can spell Oconomowoc, I bet you know how to pronounce it too--that means you can be an honorary Wisconsinite. Very cool to see you visiting my back yard: those pictures are from Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc, aren't they?? I had so hoped to be able to attend your lecture for the guild in Wales, but it didn't work out. :-(

  11. Fantastic update! Glad you had a good time!

  12. Bonnie, I have left you an award on my blog. http://freda1951.wordpress.com

  13. I wish I knew that you were waiting in Detroit Metro airport...I could have kept you company. I love the string quilts - they are wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. Bonnie, Loved seeing you in Spring Green - a fantastic trunk show. You're a great inspiration! I'm excited to start several of your projects. Keep posting your current projects ---and that hand quilted Amish quilt you were working on in Wisconsin. -Nancy

  15. No retreats in August 2010 well don't bnook it yet anyway.



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