Monday, March 24, 2008

Better Than Chocolate!

Oh, MY GOODNESS!! It's Quilter's CANDY!!

My son called from the top of the stairs: "Mom, you've got another quilt box!"

I thought it was a quilt from a customer coming....I opened the box and there was all this popcorn styrofoam stuff....and then...I saw a basket handle!

Not only that, but there were delicious smells coming from the basket, and I couldn't fathom what it was!

I impatiently partially up-ended the box so that I could grasp the handle and pull the basket out. Styrofoam popcorn going EVERYWHERE! Imagine my surprise when I found three yummy candles and quilters candy: 1/2 square triangles already squared up and trimmed! And scraps...and FQ's!

Thanks SEW much Kathy! You made my day! I am going to love burning these candles in my studio, enjoying the yummy fragrance, and I'll think of you every time I sew some of your fun fabric bits into my projects!


Kim said...

How lovely........
aren't quilters the BEST!

quiltteacher said...

I so-o-o enjoy reading what you are up to each day. Looking forward to meeting you one day with Ms. Goodneedles quilt ministry. Have a good evening.

Patty said...

Truly admire your quilts. You are a great inspiration. Especially the scrappy ones.

scarlett said...

You are a talented lady. Love your site and your scrappy quilts.

Maybe you didn't realize that you have a Longaberger basket there. They are the best. Made in Ohio.