Thursday, January 11, 2007

Full Quilt Shot!

The day dawned windy and chilly....could it be that it is finally turning
winter in South Carolina?

Monday was a busy busy day. I was at the massage clinic all day...I
didn't even have time to go home and grab my show and tell before heading to
a quilt guild meeting in Aiken!

The yearly Carolina Pine Quilter's retreat to Hilton Head (During the Jinny
Beyers Convention) is underway, all be it on a much smaller scale this year,
which I am welcoming! Sarah has rented the condo through her company and
got a special rate. There is room for 6 to 8 of us to bring our projects and
sew for the weekend of Feb 2, 3, and returning home on the 4th!

What makes february also fun is that I have another retreat in Feb and we plan on having loads of fun. I see a lot of UFOs making it to top stage at least this year. I'd like to concentrate on turning tops into quilts too...but we all know how that goes.

Here is a pic of the "Bonnie Loves To Play With Blocks" Top! It was windy
against the fence, so I had to snag this photo quick before the wind whipped
it up again.

Also! I have 3 1/2 blocks left to quilt (and the sashings that surround
them) on the amish string quilt...it is coming along!

Last night(wednesday night) was rehearsal for Durufle's Requiem. I have to say that as much as I enjoy it, by the end of the rehearsal I was toast! He worked us like singing dogs! But we only have 2 more wendesday night rehearsals before we have the concert on Jan 28th. I can't wait to rehearse WITH the philharmonic. There is something SO COOL about singing with an orchestra...lalalallalala!

This morning it's off to the dentist for me...one small little cavity needs filled, and then off to the office to massage! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Great quilts! The amount of quilting that you get done and the creativity of your patterns is very inspiring to me.

  2. Oh Bonnie I WANT that orphan quilt! The orphan quilt Lucy made is wonderful too! I want to play with you two so much! This is wonderful!

  3. Good luck at the dentist - I hope you don't have a repeat of last year of them working on the wrong tooth!!! eek!

    Thanks for sharing your "Bonnie Loves to Play with Blocks" Top - I can't think of a more creative way to capture your quilting memories. It looks great! ~Bonnie M.

  4. What a quilt, Bonnie ! It is stunning.. and I am so happy that my basket in pink is a part of it !!!

  5. I predict lots of orphan block quilts to show up; we are all inspired by you and Lucy.

  6. The top came together sooooo well. The border colors are perfect. Wheee, getting close to done on the Amish quilt. all excellent progress. The retreat sounds like a blast.

  7. Both quilts look great. I'm in awe of how you made all those blocks work together and love the borders on it. The strings look wonderful too.

  8. you'll have such a great time on retreat -- Feb is a short month AND you get to go twice -- I'm so green with envy I'm afraid my son may water me thinking I'm a plant :-)

  9. Anonymous3:58 AM EST

    How wonderful is your orphan blocks quilt ! It's a great inspiration : so, we can use our just started and never finished quilts !

  10. Both terrific quilts - what an inspiration you are Bonnie :o)

  11. I love your quilts Bonnie! As always, you are the best!

  12. You've done it again! Another quilt to make me drool.

  13. Both the quilts are lovely. And good luck with the concert. I miss singing in a choir.



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