Monday, February 27, 2006

A view to massage by...

I spent this morning at the massage clinic. Mondays are really slow, but I was there to answer phones and maybe work some walk-ins into my completely empty schedule!

It is also tax time, so I got this bee under my bonnet that if I took DH's lap top to work with me, I could sit there at the front desk and enter all my bank statements into quicken. I got all the way up to December's statement entered in......but when I got to December, it said...page 1 of 2....only there was NO page 2! And since everything I do is on debit card, I had to call the bank and have them send a copy before I can go any farther. Still, I feel pretty proud of myself for getting that far in one day. I figure I would have sat here and spent all day doing it, at least I could have been there and doing it while answering phones and maybe working in a walk in (of which there were none...as I said..monday is a SLOW day!)

I came home and laid down with some purry furries for "just a few minutes" and woke up when the phone rang a bit over an hour later. I was out cold! All that tax work wears on a body, you know? It was the dentist's receptionist on the phone. Remember my birthday 2-for-1 root canal special? Tomorrow is the day I go to get the one crown filled where they did the root canal for it, and get started on the crown work for the one that was the 'bonus' tooth.

These are pics of the clinic where I am working. We are in the corner of an L shaped plaza..there are 4 massage rooms and a reception area, and a big back room that is like the break room with a sofa, microwave, fridge, desk if you want to sit and do paper work, etc....The rooms are hard to get pics of, they are pretty compact! But this will give you an idea of the room I'm sharing with Lori....



  1. Okay, somewhere you must have a cute little quilt hidden in that massage room. Hey, maybe you could hang a quilt with an inspiring story and a nice little sales tag and make a little extra money while you're at it. What do you think?

  2. I agree - there needs to be some quilts somewhere. If they are too stimulating for the massage room, how about the hall going to the room, or heck, why not the main reception area/

  3. Likes like a really nice place to work Bonnie, a great way to get your toe in the door of massage clients..*VBS* And getting all that entered in one sitting is pretty amazing to me..*VBS*

  4. Looks like you have a nice place to work Bonnie. At least you can be productive while waiting for drop-ins. Maybe this would be a good time to start one of the appliquéd folk art quilts that you like so much.

  5. what a comforting place. Its really lovely and looks restful.

  6. Bonnie, your new work area looks great. Congrats on getting the bank statements done.

    Good luck with the massage therapy business.

    Judy L.

  7. Put a colorful quilt on that table and I may be tempted to stay there all day. Sooo...how much would all day cost...just kidding. Good luck with your new venture.

  8. I agree with the others...it looks like a beautiful place to work. Since you have all of that tax work done, now you can take hand sewing with you to work on instead! MUCH more fun. MUCH! ;o)


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