Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Jeff...

My baby is 16 today!

Jeff's counselor appt was last night. So far so good again. This week, now that he is officially 16 as of today, he wants to start looking for a job. HOORAY. Nothing like real life's lessons to teach a kid what is what. I don't even mind driving him everywhere to get apps, or to drop him off and pick him up. It's time we can use to talk in the car, you know?

This morning two of his friends came over, plus one spent the night last night since they have a late start on wednesdays. The friends came in and sang happy birthday to Jeff because he was still in bed asleep. It was so funny to watch him wake up to that racket! Teenage boys sound particularily interesting when singing silly songs like Happy Birthday in their 16 year old early morning voices :c)

I made waffles and canteloupe for everyone for breakfast...and off they went to school. It was a very good morning! (so far)

This is a pic of Jeff when we still lived in Idaho, it's the earliest digital pic I have of him. I think he was about 7. Jeff is the tall one on the right, the other kid was a neighbor, and it was so long ago I don't remember his name...My how time flies!

I'm done taking the antibiotics finally. This stuff (clindamycin??) is AWFUL! It makes your stomach feel like the worst case of heart burn you have EVER had...worse than when I was pregnant. And the pill you take before you go to bed is the worst because you just lay there.. but now I'm done. I'm not taking anymore of this stuff..EVER!

This pic is also for Tracey, it's a pic of an antique trapundtoed feathered star I found in Houston. The hand quilting was AMAZING! I just wish I could have gotten closer to get better shots, but that clear tape across the exibit keeps you from doing so, I wonder why? :c)

I really thought it was interesting to put the inner blue border just on two sides. Yep Yep....I sure love unexpected things!

Sun is shining in SC...looks like a good day!


  1. What a beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing. I love the border idea...

  2. Happy Birthday to Jeff!

  3. Oh baby what a wonderful feathered star quilt! And the quilting! Mmmmm, could that tape be trying to keep back sticky fingers like mine who might want to take it home!!! :)

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!!! yeah on responsibility and work - he'll realize he has it good at home!

  4. Happy Birthday Jeff!
    the quilting on that feathered star is just incredible...wow I could admire that quilting for hours.
    I really appreciate you posting these antique quilt pictures.

  5. Say "Happy Birthday" to Jeff from the Arctic! The Feathered Star is breathtaking!


  6. Sending happy birthday wishes to Jeff. So glad the counselor looks like it is going to work out!

    That feathered star is just spectacular. It's seeing quilts like that that got me hooked on quilting. Incredible workmanship.

    So glad to hear those tiny log cabins are paper pieced. Your quilting is always amazing but at least I know now you are human. Can't imagine doing those tiny blocks any other way!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jeff. How time flies !
    What beautiful stitching on that quilt.

  8. that feathered star is indeed stunning...thanks again for showing these antique quilts..fun to see! Happy Birthday to Jeff as well...and when does he get his car? that is all my younger son could think about even before he turned 16..it was all about getting the license!

  9. Anonymous5:24 PM EST

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y J E F F!! My son will be 16 in a week too - how time flies. That quilt is stunning - I just LOVE trapunto the more I see it. I love those Le Moyne starts around the feathered stars too :-)

  10. Happy Birthday Jeff! 16 is a huge bday! I hope you have FUN! And Bonnie, glad the tooth is feeling better...and the antique quilt is STUNNING! Thanks for sharing that!

  11. Jeff picture is so cute .....

    And the antique quilt is amazing. why do we spend not so much time at the quiltingpart these days????

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I thought that feathered star was familiar; I just found a photo I took of it at Spring Market in 2002. It is so spectacular. One day I would love to be disciplined enough to do a quilt in controlled fabric choices like that, but the scrap mentality just keeps winning so far....


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