Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can't remember if I posted this one...

This was a quilt that someone had brought to one of the antique malls in Augusta GA when the guild was having a quilt appreciation day there, and invited people to come for appraisals, etc. Siobhan took this pic for me because I couldn't be there. The quilt was pieced somewhere around 1870 and the 9 patches measure 2" across. They are TINY! I love the little bits of turquoise and cheddar that pop out here and there. Another thing that was interesting about this quilt was the quilting. It was like they quilted it in a grid from the BACK of the quilt, because the grid didn't fall anywhere specific....we would normally quilt an X through the patches, or through the 9 patch blocks and setting blocks themselves. On this quilt they were nowhere NEAR going through the blocks that way, and sometimes the angle was even funky. It looked like it had been quilted from the back, and wherever the stitches fell, they fell!

This is the quilt that inspired me to make a 9 patch and set it with green, only mine was made with 3" 9 patches (yes, even I have my limits! *LOL*)

I also made mine lots smaller. I figured I had enough 9 patches and this was as far as it went. I really DO love the poison green though....

I spent a sleepless night...antibiotics give me a tummy ache. BLAH! I am supposed to take this stuff every 6 hours, and yes that means getting up in the middle of the night to take it...WITH FOOD. Do you think I can get to sleep after that? NO WAY. Nothing like puttering around the house between 2 and 4 am, and finally falling back to sleep only to have to get up to get the son to school at 7am. *yawn*

I'm off to study for a bit, and then get going on a customer quilt to get my mind OFF the studying :c) Have a great day everyone!



  1. I remember this quilt. Indeed it is so beautiful with the green.I hope you feel a better!

  2. I love, love, love this poison green! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonnie - I love both versions of the nine patch quilt. 2 inches? Wow! And I love the poison green.


  4. Oh Bonnie! That antique quilt is to die for! And the poison green is wonderful! My first thought when I saw it was -wow, I have to make one like that! but 2" huh??? maybe 3 like yours!

  5. yes, 3 inches is doable-I have another project calling for a ton of those size nine patches...I like how yours came out-nice mix of colors. That antique is pretty astounding all right-Cher

  6. great looking quilts Bonnie! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get some sleep soon.

  7. Beautiful quilts! The mind boggles at the size of the blocks on the antique one! Was it hand-pieced - argh! Must get me some of that green - it's delicious :-)

  8. wow Bonnie, thats a lot of tiny squares. I am so impressed. Its beautiful. Feel better !

  9. Yogurt -eat lots of yogurt with those meds to keep your tummy straight. And I love the pics - even though I think I've seen them before. This is a quilt that just screams BONNIE! BONNIE!! BONNIE!!!

  10. Glad you have your limits. I love 3" nine-patches - think it's a great size. And yours is marvelous.
    I've seen that cross-hatch elsewhere where it is just put on without any regard to the blocks - I love it.

  11. I have a much tamer peice of the same quilt. It is all white with little bits of what used to be red and blue- but are now pink and shreds. I'm glad you had a great time at your retreat. Hope the tooth gets better- isn't it amazing how something so small can be such a pain... well, don't study too hard and I've been thinking about your son. 16 is tough. My 15 year old, I keep very busy with lots of physical work. Boys have hormones just like girls do- only, if you ask me, they are on 24-7. It just seems to keep him happy and docile if he is building things, tearing down things, sweating in a constructive way. Don't know if that helps you any. I'll be praying for you all, hoping it works itself out and he finds his way. It sure is hard being young- couldn't pay me to do that again!

  12. Bonnie, I just love this nine patch quilt, a fabric lovers delight to look at all the different fabrics.
    thanks for sharing the picture and of course yours is wonderful and so doable! I love seeing where you get your inspiration from.
    hope you feel better soon and my thoughts are with you and your son right now...tough time for these teenagers, I have 2 teenage girls and NO WAY would I want to be this age again.

  13. I love how that quilt photographs! We are going to do the quilt day again the last Saturday in February. Last year we raised over 300 dollars for breast cancer research and sold a couple of hundred raffle tickets for our quilt that raised money for Camp Rainbow - a camp for children with cancer. Who knows what will show up this time!


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