Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As The Blog Turns..

Hi Ladies! I hope you are all busily quilting away!

We have a new member! Siobhan, aka Yankee Quilter has been visiting our ring for a while and working on her own blog. With much arm twisting she has joined us :c) You can check her blog out at Scraps and Thread Tales Siobhan and I both belong to the Pieceful Hearts guild in North Augusta, SC (just across the Savannah River from Regular Augusta GA!) and this is the guild that has the retreat this weekend! I'll bring the camera so we can get pics of us working on our stuff. We have both determined to crank on our UFOs! Tonya was a member here too, before she hailed off to the wilds of Egypt...this is how we all met.

Now for a funny! I was a guild last night, Carolina Pine Quilters in Aiken, SC. I want to let you know how much our ring is enjoyed by guild members! I had a couple people talk to me about it, that they have to click through the ring daily to see what we are all up to, and they've even talked about it with each other on phone calls, "Did you see what is on so and so's blog?? You have to check it out!" *LOL* I was even told "Oh, Bonnie, it is so exciting that you get to go see Lucy!" :c) So our little blog lives have become part of other people's daily haunts. I just think it is so fun!

Two more days until retreat! I am gearing myself up to really work on this pink and brown DJ. Between this retreat and the one with the Carolina Pine Quilters in Feb, I should be able to pretty much get this top together I think. I've even started thinking what I need to do with the borders. I'm going to complete the star points from the sashing into the border at least. Depending on how big it is at that point, I just might bind it with the remaining brown indigo...cut in scrappy strips because I don't have any one of either piece to do the whole quilt...I bought quarter yard packs of these...

The Carolina Pines retreat is on Hilton Head Island the same weekend as the Jinny Beyer Convention. (Feb 3-6) We rent a beach house and pack it to the gills with people and sew on our own projects. The Convention has a quilt show, and it is free to visit. Wonderful to see Jinny's quilts up close and personal, along with those of invited guest artists. She also has a vendor shop set up there, so we shop a bit....but I usually just sew sew sew...and I love walking the beach this time of the year!



  1. Well I have been talking up your website and Tonya's stuff on there also to my classes I teach and our guild also - so you are becoming very famous here in IL also! In fact one lady last night in my class asked me if you were recently on Alex Anderson!

    Oh what I wouldn't do to be at the beach house! The ocean/beach is my thing! I just love watching the water - it is so relaxing to me. Oh but I guess if I relaxed too much I would fall asleep! Maybe not a good idea!

  2. I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Macedonia and I have been following all of your blogs here for a few weeks. I even looked up local quilt groups in my hometown. I will be coming home in November and I am now inspired to do some quilting when I return. My mother bought me a sewing machine for my college graduation just before I left and I can't wait to start using it. I have been drawing patterns in a graph paper notebook in the meantime and I love reading the blogs for inspiration! Hopefully I'll have room in my bags to bring home some neat fabrics and maybe someday I'll be able to join the ring. I love blogging and I hope to love quilting. Just a hello and a note to say keep up the work because although I'm not yet quilting I am already a huge fan and respect all the work you do!

    Have a great day.

  3. How cool is that! Everyone that visits my blog wants to get in on the fun, too! And reading the blogs is so inspiring - ya just wanta go sew and sew!


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