Saturday, December 17, 2005

Off To The Smokeys!

I wanted to wish everyone a great week before we head out. I had to come back and put my email lists on 'no-mail' so that my inbox doesn't explode after a week of being gone. I have this one friend who forwards me every forward there ever was..she must send everything to her entire address book, so I took her address so she will get sent to spam filter first. I can fish what I need out of there when I get back! *LOL*

I feel like there should be more to do to get ready..like we are forgetting something, or neglecting something, but truth be told, I think we are as ready as we are going to get! It is supposed to snow up there tomorrow so I am glad we are going today.

Everyone stay warm and quilty and post lots of pics so I can see them when I get back! :c)

Merry Christmas to you all!


Tracey said...

Hope you folks have a wonderful time there!! Can't say that I'm not a tad bit jealous though...the Smokeys is the only place I'd gladly leave my warm home for. Have fun!

Finn said...

Have a marvelous time and bring back pictures..*VBS* We'll keep the home fires burnin for you!
Hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

Have fun! Travel safely!

Laurie said...

Have a great time...safe travels to you and your family! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

JudyL said...

Bonnie: I'll think about you every day when you're gone and send good quilty wishes your way! Hope you get lots done and the family has a wonderful time together.

Judy L.

Holly said...

I'll be thinking of you with your old movies, books on new techy thingy (?) and your hand work. A week made in heaven!

Tonya R said...

Merry Christmas, Bonnie! Enjoy your movies and quilting and cabining. Drive safely.

The Calico Cat said...

Enjoy your time away! Hopefully you get a lot dopne on your hand work projects!

JudyL said...

Bonnie, hope y'all are having great fun. I miss your posts!

Judy L.

kay susan said...

Super blog. Just found it courtesy of Sharon B at In a Minute Ago. Thank you for sharing!