Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Up with the birds....studying...

Finals today and tomorrow. I'm sure you are tired of hearing me count down, but I can't help it!

I've got the 'drawing' quilts all bound and labeled, just need to wrap them. I wanted to get pics of them finished, and it's still dark..so I'm waiting for things to lighten up a bit before I take them this morning. I like taking pics outside, the light is always better. I'm taking my camera so I can get pics of the 'winners' and their new quilts :c)

We bit the bullet and switched from Bellsouth to Vonage and now have the phone running through the cable internet we already had. What a DEAL. $28 bucks a month, tons of extras included, no more getting the bill hiked up with all the federal taxes and fees for this and that....it saves about $25 a month on our phone bill, It was always around $50 and we never even used our phone for long distance, we use our cells!

So now...cha ching...it's $28! Good bye Bellsouth! And it's free long distance calling all the time! I would have given up the land line all together, but I need it for running customer's visa/mc cards....I'm tickled about taking my business away from Bellsouth, or any of the other rip-off phone companies. And there is an incentive.....if I refer someone and they switch to Vonage, I get 2 months free service...so consider this a shameless plug if you have cable inet and hate your phone company for gouging you! (And say you were referred by me!)

Oh, Oscar must have been up on the cupboards again last night...heard a bang in the middle of the night and one of the enamelware pots was on the kitchen floor...fell from the top of the fridge. Naughty cat. I spose I might just have to move stuff out of his way so we aren't woken by things that go BANG in the night with him trying to get up there..... *yawn*


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