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IQFOI Jared Takes A Wife Class Supply List

Jared Takes A Wife!

Class Supply List!

12" block, quilt size approx 82"X95"

Jared Takes A Wife is based on the traditional "Blackford's Beauty" block. It is a great block with no inset Y seams, and can be made completely from 2" strips and squares! Even the sashing and cornerstones are 2".

In class, we will be learning some basic techniques from quick pieced 4-patch units to easy star points. Anyone from a beginner on up is welcome to take this class! This is a "power sewing" class and we hope to get many blocks done in one sitting so you have something to show for your fun day at the machine.

Machines will be provided by the Festival for this class.

You will need:

Pins, thread, needles, scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutter, mat and ruler. My fave size is 6.5" X 12.5" but whatever you usually use will work. Please treat yourself to a NEW BLADE before class-- You deserve it!

Ironing stations will be provided.

Please print out the class instruction sheets at http://quiltville.com/jaredtakesawifepf.html This allows you to print out the pattern in color, look at it before class, and saves on paper expenses.

Fabric Requirements:

The original "Jared Takes A Wife" Quilt was given as a gift to my choir master upon his marriage-- I made a second one to travel with, this time substituting purples for the blacks that you see in the original pattern. I made each star from a different purple, and love the effect!

You need to give a bit of thought as to what goes where, so I want you to study the quilt in the pattern carefully. Know that you can substitute ANY of the colors shown for those you like. *Note* As you choose your fabrics, go for contrast. This is a 3 color quilt PLUS a background.

If you prefer to NOT have a scrappy background, you can choose one fabric for all the cream fabrics shown.

Wherever you see a color (be it gold or green or black in my picture) You can choose any color you like. Because we are not sewing from kits, this is a great way to go through your scraps and make something from them! You can even make EACH BLOCK DIFFERENT if you so desire, let your imagination soar!

The quilt shown in the pattern uses the following:

1.5 yards assorted 2" light strips for 4 patch units
1.5 yards assorted 2" green strips for 4 patch units
2 yards cream polka dot for sashing around 4 patches.
2 yards gold on black music fabric.
1.5 yards green fabric for border
1/2 yard green plaid for block centers
2 yards dark gold for inner star and sashings

Pre-cutting before class:

Because we want to SEW, not watch each other iron and cut, please come with the following: (take into mind the number of blocks you wish to make and multiply that by the pieces given for each block below.)

If you don't have scrap 2" light and 2" dark (in my case green) strips, cut them from your yardage so they are ready for class.

Each block uses 4 4-patches made from these 2" strips. If you don't know how many blocks you want to make, a couple hand-fulls of each should get you started! In this case, bring extra fabric in case you get to a point where you need it. this is FAST sewing! We will be strip piecing 4 patch units from our 2" strips in class.

From another light (Shown as cream polka dot above) cut (8) 2"X 3.5" rectangles for EACH BLOCK you want to make. I find it easiest to cut the yardage at 3.5" intervals FIRST,and then cut 2" rectangles from the 3.5" strip. Plan accordingly to the size of quilt you want to make.

From scrap green strips cut (4) 2" squares for each block you want to make.
(Note, they can be all one fabric if you want them to,or you can scrappy them up as you desire)

Star Points:
From your main star point fabric, cut 240 rectangles 2"X5". There are 8 star point rectangles in every block. Adjust the number of star points to the number of blocks you want to make. I find it easy to cut the yardage at 5" intervals first, and THEN subcut them into 2"X5" rectangles.

Block centers:
Each block has 1 center 3.5" square. These can be scrappy, or they can all match. Cut one for each block you want to make. If you are making the large quilt, cut 30!

Inner star points: If you look closely at the picture above you will see that there is a gold inner star as well as a black outer star! These are simply made with 2" squares. I used gold, but you can use whatever color you wish. You need (8) 2" squares for the inner star in every block. If you are doing the large quilt, you will need 240. Plan accordingly.

Background star points: The upper points of the star show a neutral background. I used many different lights for these 240 2" squares.

Here is an EQ drawing of scrappy plaids, neutrals and reds! Blocks like this will give you a quilt like this:

Have fun with your fabric choices, and LETS MAKE A QUILT!!

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Quiltville@gmail.com

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  1. Just found these instructions. Will print it off and take it into my shop. Should be able to cut a few bits from scraps everyday between now and the festival. As long ss I don't have too much real work to do!!! So excited! !!!!!


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